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Posted: 9/26/2004 7:45:53 PM EDT
//I had this all typed out when the last thread broke, dammit I want to get my .02 in!

First off, what we call the Bible was in origin a collection of various texts and scrolls in various languages and eventually collected and edited for content. All of these were written by humans and as with every other thing created by humans, is prone to error and/or misunderstanding.

I need only to point to the Koran to prove this.

Secondly, you can read just about anything you want into the bible. UFO guys point to evidence of ETs, Numerologists look for codes, Homosexuals have webpages full of quotes from the Bible supporting their gayness, while others have webpages full of quotes purporting the opposite. According to Weekly World News, the Mormons, or Jehovas's Witnesses the end of the world is/was near/last week/next month.

In the end it's all just in how you interpret it.

Evolution and creationism are two theories. They do not cancel eachother out nor do they oppose eachother. The only "theory" that opposes creationism is Atheism. Unless of course you want to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible (7 days and all that)

The scientific version of the history of the Universe is thus:

1. Big Bang (Basic Universe created out of nothing)
2. Stars born
3. Planets made
4. Life appears
A. Plants/Trees
B. Critters

The big question is wether Humans evolved from single celled organisms over millions of years or if Adam was molded from dirt while Eve grew out of his rib. If you want to believe in a literal word for word translation of the Bible, nothing good will come of it. In fact, you're probably already condemed to hell. (Reread Kings, Deuteronomy, and Numbers if you don't believe me)

If you're more flexible, let's move on.

We know that living things are evolving. Viruses are getting stronger, people are getting taller, some animals use tools (no, not your screwdriver) etc. We've traced the mitochondria in our DNA to a species that lived about a 100,000 years ago. We know the Dinosaurs died out a few million years ago, while an enterprising species of furbearers managed to survive.

So the question becomes a philosophical one.

Again discarding a literal translation we have to ask ourselves:

1. What constitues God's "Image" in which he made us?

I find it hard to belive that it's of a hairy two-legged creature that can make a variety of strange noises out of both ends. To me it's more likely a conciousness that can effect changes on the world and lesser animals around us - which describes us quite well.

2. What is "time" to God?

Answer: Nothing. The few million years it took for us to crawl out of the mud is nothing to an all-seeing omnipotent being who preceeded the Universe. In all likelyhood He/She's got a hundred billion trillion other sheep around the Universe and knows us all by name. What seems like a long time to us doesn't even register on that scale.

So in conclusion Evolution can peacefully exist with non-literal Creationism.
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Link Posted: 9/26/2004 7:46:42 PM EDT
Wow, if I'd typed all that I'd want people to see it too.
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 7:47:50 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Stryfe:

Originally Posted By chicken_little:

Originally Posted By Dino:

Originally Posted By Stryfe:

Originally Posted By garandman:

Originally Posted By Dino:

I don't have faith in evolution any more than I have faith in gravity.


Did you just equate gravity and evolution?PLEASE tell me you didn't.

Gravity effects can be seen, verified, falsified, tested, validated, sliced, diced, and served with rice.

Macro evolution CANNOT.

NOWHERE is it observed today. ZERO transitional creatures.

Gravity IS a scientific matter. Evolution IS NOT.

I think you got it right when you said "Never gonna happen."

I can explain, he made a mistake calling it the theory of gravity, it's a law. Experiements were performed to prove the original theory.
I have already posted, and reposted, in this thread, why evolution can only ever be a theory.
Well, that and the strawman of transitional creatures you keep bringing up.

Actualy I would prefer if you don't speak for me, thanks.

I did NOT make a mistake when I said that. Evolution is a fact AND a theory. Just as gravity is a fact AND a theory. The law of gravity is a mathematical expression that states the force of gravity between 2 objects at a given distance. The theory of gravity is quite a bit more detailed than that. Laws are much more consise than a theory and in many cases can be expressed in mathematical terms.

Evolution and gravity are natural phenomena that scientists have theories about.

Perhaps you should read talkorigins as well, they go into this in quite a bit of detail.

are you talking in circles...you says its a law then you don't??

absolutely noone doubts gravity...lots of people doubt evolution.

You need to read all of what he wrote.
You do know that light exists as both a particle and a wave, don't you?

yeah I know that. Pick a pencil up. Now drop it. My evidence that gravity is not doubted by anyone. Your probly talking about something else... but I just had to say it
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