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Posted: 5/19/2001 8:36:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 8:47:39 PM EDT
Break out the Hoppe's, that'll cure ya.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 8:55:01 PM EDT
Hoppes is the elixir of the gods! Hmmm... Hoppes #9 Stick Deodorant. It might sell....
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 8:56:16 PM EDT
Have someone who is sane smell them and give you an opinion. Then see a shrink. Then bring me one shrubbery![NI]
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 9:00:09 PM EDT
My HK P7M8 and the factory hard case smell like Play-Doh.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 9:02:16 PM EDT
Ohhhhh to be a knight of NI, and want a stinky schrubbry...........put them in your cookery and let them gather the aroma of fresh smokery
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 9:49:21 PM EDT
Experiencing aromas that are not really there is one of the symptoms of having a brain tumor.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 9:52:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 9:53:24 PM EDT
No stinky guns here, but I've fired some ammo that would gag a maggot.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 10:06:22 PM EDT
I ain't none joking. One of the most common brain tumor related armoas experienced is the scent of roses.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 10:15:44 PM EDT
imbroglio is right- if you can smell fire or urine, this is a medical indication of being a scytsoid (can't spell that one worth a sh*t) uncle buck - you're killing me - but i refuse to cut down the tree with a herring. steve
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 10:16:18 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io: Experiencing aromas that are not really there is one of the symptoms of having a brain tumor.
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This must be another:
Originally Posted By Captain Obvious: (I think diet everything just tastes better.....)
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Link Posted: 5/19/2001 10:24:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 10:35:52 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/19/2001 10:53:39 PM EDT by gardenWeasel]
It's not that odd at all. In order to get rid of smoke smell from wood you have to sand. I have sanded and stripped refinished etc. countless pieces of furniture for my mother the antique dealer. When she gets something from a heavy smoker and I start woking on it, I swear that I'm in the freakin Elks club. *** I'm not really suggesting that you [u]must[/u] sand to get rid of odors. ****This goes for wood pieces from homes full of stinky folks with stinky pets too.
Link Posted: 5/19/2001 11:27:52 PM EDT
I purchased guns i did'nt like but smell? no
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 1:59:27 AM EDT
Were the previous owners women? I heard that some women like to use guns as....uh never mind. [0j]
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 2:16:19 AM EDT
Uh, try cleaning the guns. Is this to obvious? Hell, I'm a smoker and I haven't found anything yet that I can't clean the smell of cig smoke out of. Try some Murphy's Oil soap on the stock.
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 2:20:28 AM EDT
I've bought old guns that had an aroma of lots and lots of burned gunpowder. The scent of freedom. Imbrog|io is right about the brain tumor stuff, BTW. Really depends on exactly where the tumor is, though.
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 4:34:33 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 5:12:36 AM EDT
you're lucky... think if somebody farted on the guns...
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 6:03:15 AM EDT
Phil I purchased a complete upper and it smelled like smoke. Called the Co. talked to the builder and he said that he did smoke. I cleaned it as best I could, removed all of the oil and grease and washed the hand guards with soap and water. I left the upper out in the sun for a few days and the smell went away.
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 7:05:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 9:26:36 AM EDT
It is odd you should bring this up. I once owned a S&W mod 686, 4" bbl. It was superbly accurate but the actual stainless steel stank. I also had a 6" - 686 at the time and there was no particular odor. I could smell it best right after a good cleaning. All my buddies thought I was nuts. I am not going to tell them what Imbro said about that, though. ;-)).
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 4:54:07 PM EDT
Originally Posted By AK2KX: Hmmm... Hoppes #9 Stick Deodorant. It might sell....
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or maybe hoppes #9 colagne
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 7:35:21 PM EDT
Yeah, a Rogak P-18. Back about '80. I didn't smell, but it stunk as a quality pistol. Sent it back, got my money back eventually. Good riddance. [>]:)]
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 7:42:17 PM EDT
Hoppes #9 ?? Or is it [b]Looooove Potion[/b] #9 ? [i]Now that's the love you can only get...from 240 dollars...worth of puddin'. Awwwwww Yeeeah.[/i] - The State Jewbroni~
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