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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/3/2002 5:50:47 PM EST
I want you to call these folks anyway. Tell them you are from out of state and make them think this story is going national (which it is, just not yet). Governor Jane Hull 602-542-4331 Elliot Hibbs, Director of Dept of Administration 602-542-1500 Mark Killian. Director of the Dept of Revenut 602-542-3572 Demand that her individual right to self defense be respected. The first person you will talk to is likely a lowly secretary. Be nice. As you demand to be forwarded higher up the food chain, they get nastier and more arrogant. Give it to 'em as we have been for the last six weeks. We have won her back her pepper spray and 3" knife. Let's go for the gun lockers. This story appeared in Becky's regular opinion column in the EastValley Tribune. Shannon Flynn is the person we have been activating for over the last six weeks. The State government thugs are really resisting us on this one. They must think this represents something they must control, for control's sake. Background not in the article. Shannon was molested, and then continually raped by her felon-father from the age of 10 until age 17. He often whispered in her ear that if he ever put him behind bars he would come back for her. His clemency hearing is next week. You must call. I don't care if you live in Hawaii or Ethiopia. Fifteen cents is cheap activism. Rick Link requires registration http://epaper.aztrib.com/ Gun-free zones are missing their mark BY BECKY FENGER FOR THE TRIBUNE Story to follow in next post....
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 5:51:29 PM EST
Continued... — Becky Fenger is former chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Caucus and can be reached at bfenger@earthlink.net. "We’re willing to give you special treatment," Betty Martz, facilities manager for the Arizona Department of Revenue, told DOR employee Shannon Flynn. Special treatment is the last thing that the young rape victim wanted. Flynn simply wants to legally defend herself, as provided by state law. She has ample reason to believe her attacker wants deadly payback for his imprisonment, and she would like to use her concealed-carry permit to protect herself. One catch: DOR Director Mark Killian refuses to provide a locker in which to check the weapon at the door. The reason given by a staffer was that "it would cost a fortune" to furnish those lockers. Mr. Killian is making himself scarcer than Osama bin Laden lately, or he would be told that such a decision is penny-wise and pound-foolish. The stalwart Flynn is likely to sue the state. "I want to make it clear to my fellow workers that I’m asking to check my gun at the door of the building, NOT carry it to my desk," Flynn stressed. Gun law expert and author Alan Korwin www.gunlaws.com warns, "Killian isn’t disarming the aggressor; he’s disarming the innocent victim. He’s creating a gun-free zone that is making Flynn unsafe." Korwin urged the passage of "The Gun-free Zone Liability Act" (HB2456) in the Legislature this session. If a property owner declares a public place to be a gun-free zone by prohibiting firearms on the premises, under this bill he or she becomes liable for any harm the gun-free zone causes. Gun-free zones are dangerous to law-abiding citizens. To paraphrase Walter Mondale, "gun-free zones don’t stop criminals; they attract them! " The DOR lawyers are not about to put a silencer on Flynn. She is airing her story on the Charles Heller radio show in Tucson at noon today, and won’t shy away from print interviews. With Jane Hull already in a money pinch, it’s enough to make Killian cry.
Link Posted: 3/6/2002 5:06:12 PM EST
Now I am asking you to e-mail your Arizona State Legislator and press them to get this policy changed. They need to talk to Killian, Hibbs, and Hull. And if that doesn't work, they need to go down stairs and denounce the policy in the press office. They can also insist to the Speaker of the House and Senate President that they subpeona the bureaucrats to testify in feeble justification of the unarmed victim zones. You can contact your representatives by calling The Senate information desk at 542-3559 or the House information desk at 542-4221. Tell them you want to talk to your rep and give them your zipcode. They will forward your call. Tell them you will follow up. And if you are not satisfied with the bureaucrat's decisions, you want to meet personally with the nice legislator so that you can discuss what can be done to punish the bureaucrat. Rick
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