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Posted: 9/8/2004 5:11:05 AM EDT
Is it possible that something on this site is somehow causing MS IE to shut itself down?

I thought it might have been something on my my laptop, but now I am on another computer that is probably in better condition than mine as far as updates and what not. The same thing just happened while I was surfing the boards.. I get a IE Error Report thing and then IE shuts down.

Or is it a common problem happening to eveyrone that hasn't been addressed by MS?
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 10:28:05 AM EDT
If I could come up with a site that would crash my friend's PC's (for fun, not destroy their data)..they'd be the first to know. But I haven't found a way....yet...hehe. Of the many cases of this that I've seen end up being a PC that has a corruption in it's own file system (some...where) and when the browser attempts to load a certain type of function, it crashes.

Some testing:
* try a browser that's not embedded into the browser such as Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, or (my favorite) Firefox.
* adware-adware-adware...these things are evil. I suggest running AdAware and SpyBot (in that order). They're free. Make sure AdAware is from Lavasoft.
* Virus-time - update your antivirus software and do a full scan.
* another computer...which you tried...good show old chap! However it's still two PC's. If you have 371 of them from different ISP's, different OS's...er...well...ok...even if it was a few from different ISP's, then the more, the merrier in determing a problem
* XP SP2 - front page news on SP2, "Windows users put on defensive by SP2" - Network World, "SP2: Fixing the Fix" - eWeek. There's some good stuff that SP2's got in it...but with the "inconsistent results" (as Microsoft delicately put the many...as in more than 371...users who now have hosed systems), it may be best to wait for SP2.1, or roll back an existing SP2.

If a 3rd party browser works well, then you'd either use that browser, or look at replacing IE. For XP, that's not easy as the standard way to do it is to reformat the drive. Though reformatting is not such a bad idea after you've backed up your system.
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 10:46:17 AM EDT
Good advice Robbie, thanks!
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