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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/3/2002 7:47:25 PM EST
Holy moly, I've gone over the 5000th post now, like it was little more than a speed bump! So tell me, how am I doing? Just vote in the poll and see if you can manage to change my direction, attitude, etc. There is no need to make any editorial comments, since I probably won't pay attention to them anyway! But feel free to do so (like I could stop you if I even wanted to). Eric The(Polling)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:50:28 PM EST
What's it been..................a week?? [:D]
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:53:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:54:50 PM EST
It just [u]seems[/u] like a week! How are you, DonR? How's Mama,n'em? Don't forget to vote in the poll. You'll probably be first, so I can tell.... Eric The(Irrascible)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:55:59 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:56:10 PM EST
Thanks, thebeekeeper1! As are you, too, my friend! [>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:58:16 PM EST
Congratulations. May the next 5,000 be even more fun.z
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 7:58:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:01:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:01:53 PM EST
Eric: Whether I agree with you or not, your positions are usually well reasoned and thought through ahead of time. I respect that. You also have a good sense of humor, which is frequently in short supply. I enjoy seeing your posts and getting your perspective. Now back to your Cat D-7 and knock those houses down! De Oppresso Liber-
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:04:11 PM EST
Congrats Eric!
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:04:14 PM EST
Since you set yourself up for this. I think you have WAY to much time on your hands, and you need to travel to both Palestine (Probably spelled wrong) and Israel. You post way to much on this site, and I also think you rely to much on the internet, and need to go to the place you seem to love so much and to and place and people you hate so much. BTW, Are you sure you own an AR? And don't get mad about what I'm saying cause you ask for it. P.S. don't think I don't hate you or don't agree with what you say.
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:06:27 PM EST
5,000 Palestinian houses down - not bad!
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:06:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:08:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:10:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 8:24:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/3/2002 8:25:00 PM EST by Orion526]
zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz.. .zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz.......................... [flame].....[flame].....[flame].....[flame]
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 9:44:32 PM EST
You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Please keep up the debates with Subsailor. They are often the highlight of my forum viewing. Carry on.
Link Posted: 3/3/2002 11:03:29 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/3/2002 11:04:23 PM EST by Stealth]
You're pretty smart for a hun. It may take ten years, but you guys make a perfect recurve, and that silk undershirt thing is genius. Other then that, you huns are just bums. [:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 1:29:38 AM EST
I don't know whether to congratulate you or tell you that I'm sorry [:)]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:16:10 AM EST
OK, for the second 5,000 how about pics of babes in bikinis? Everytime my wife catches me reading one of your posts she'll whack me upside the head. Eventually I'll develop a brain disorder, sue you for $1,000,000, and then retire and live off of the settlement [;)]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:23:22 AM EST
...after I did, ETH. [:D] After I did. [:D] Congratulations - you have only slightly more of a life than I do. Which ain't much. [BD] But notice I did it without all the fan fare. [}:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:31:37 AM EST
Post from garandman -
But notice I did it without all the fan fare.
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'Fanfare'? Hey, amigo, I'm putting my [i][b]cajones[/b][/i] on the line by having folks vote! Eric The(Enfranchising)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:42:50 AM EST
[img]www.frankfrazetta.com/gallery/masterdeluxe/huns.jpg[/img] I hope you and garandman don't post on Sunday! [:D]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 4:16:35 AM EST
You should change your poll... To get 5000 posts you must ... 1. Never Sleep 2. Never Sleep 3. Never Sleep 4. Never Sleep TheRedGoat
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 4:23:58 AM EST
I didn't vote because I didn't see the "you need to get off the internet and get a life" option.
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 4:30:38 AM EST
Post from Bearlaker -
I hope you and garandman don't post on Sunday!
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But of course! I consider it a special part of my ministry! BTW, thanks for the excellent pic! It has already made its way onto 'Hun's Favorite Pics' folder! Eric The(Earnest)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 5:06:08 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 5:30:22 AM EST
5000 posts? Cripes! A little long-winded, aren't we? [:D] Guess I am the shy, quiet type. [8)] All the best to ya, brother Hun! [beer] Tyler
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 5:39:57 AM EST
Congrats, Eric. If you like one Frazetta, you might like them all. Here's one of my favorites (and his signature work): [img]www.chrisis.org/divergia/div1_images/dealer.jpg[/img] Though this one might be more appropriate for our horned-helmet wearer! [img]www.biggrnyu.com/frank_frazetta_thesnowgiantsbmp.jpg[/img] Hope they aren't red [red]X's[/red]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 5:42:20 AM EST
Thanks a million, [b]KBaker[/b]! And, of course, those pics are even now in the Hun Hall of Fame Wing of 'My Pictures'! Eric The(NoticeTheSimilarityToTheRealHun)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/6/2002 8:54:07 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/6/2002 8:57:45 AM EST by Gunbert]
Congrats on your 5000th, Hun! I must've missed a lot of the posts that are garnering all the critcism... I've always enjoyed your topics. I'm at a loss as to why some members have such vitriol towards you... but hey, keep fighting the good fight![BD] And to think, I was excited when I hit 500 posts.[>:/] Gun(GladYoureHereYouMakeThePlaceMoreInteresti­ng)bert [>]:)]
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