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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 8/15/2004 5:00:13 AM EST
Are any of our troops using Eotechs in  Iraq ?     If so how have they been holdind up ?
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 6:20:04 AM EST
I've seen a few EOtechs with private contractors and VIP protection guys.  Nearly all the military guys seem to be issued Aimpoints.  I don't know how either unit is doing out in the field.  
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 6:40:37 AM EST
currently we are using  aimpoint  M-86 and  acogs 4x32  the acogs are working great the aim points  work well till the batterys run out and there is no current stock number to replace them  so then its back to iron sites  the m-86 aimpoints work well it just that they can accidently be turned on while slung on your back or banged about getting in and out of the truck. both are tough and have worked well  
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 11:43:35 AM EST
The Army has been doing off-the-shelf purchases of EOTechs for the last year or so. I think the Stryker Brigade took lots of them, among other units. They also just did a pretty big contract with EOTech for around 6,000 units a few months back. I haven't heard anything negative yet.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 11:45:07 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 1:06:26 PM EST
Thank you. I am interested in getting on soon to replace the Hakko that works well, but I do not think that it is very rugged.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 1:23:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/15/2004 1:24:34 PM EST by natez]
You are "warm" but try looking here AR15.com Optics Forum if you want serious answers.

I use an EOTech daily at work, and have for the last few years. They are great systems, and they are plenty "rugged." They also have excellent customer service (a must for any high-dollar tactical gear) and if you break it, they will fix it. We had one out of our considerable fleet of EOTechs that stopped adjusting one day, and they promptly fixed it. That is the only problem I can recall in the last few years of fielding these. They even fixed an ancient second-hand (through military surplus) Bushnell Holosight that was WAY out of warranty, at no charge. EOTechs are good gear, will handle abuse, and are (to me at least) the fastest CQB optics out there.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 1:32:50 PM EST
you mean m68 aimpoint comp 2?
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 12:15:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/19/2004 12:17:43 PM EST by hepcat85]
PBS had a special a month or so ago where a camera crew was allowed to followed a US Army SF "A" Team as it swept through Baghdad responding to "special circumstances" where bomb making facilities were found, WMD evidence, etc. I'm almost certain they were all sporting EoTechs.

Really interesting footage and interviews.
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 12:31:41 PM EST
i know a couple of units using them over there, alot of soldiers buying their own as well.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:26:04 AM EST
I used to have a Hakko actually, but it died in training.

I since spent cash and bought a Holosight (Which curiously says 'military/law enforcement only' on it, though I bought it open market.).

Everyone else went 'ooh.. ahhh' and got very jealous because we just had iron sights bar four experimental (and unpopular) reflex sights. Went to supply sergeant, helped him figure out the NSN, ordered them, and got a bunch in, and a bunch of M68 CCOs. About half and half. I just hope that they don't get to keep the sights afterwards, else I'll have been ripped off $400! (We get to keep the laser grips on the M9s though)

Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:31:49 AM EST

Originally Posted By Manic_Moran:
I used to have a Hakko actually, but it died in training.



NTM - My smartass comment is not directed at you.  I'm glad you got something that works.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:36:15 AM EST

Yep, I know a few SF guys.  They are using EOTech's and C-More's.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:40:21 AM EST
I have an EO Tech equipped carbine and another with an Aimpoint. I must say I love them both and have had zero issues with either. I've had and used both well over a year. I would trust either completely.

For pure CQB, I actually slightly prefer the EO Tech. The model I purchased also uses readily available AA batteries too, which is a plus. I can get replacements anywhere, including your ma and pa country grocery store. I am surprised at how long a set of AA's will last in those. When you need to change them, you can do so with the sight mounted to the weapon. Plus, once you buy the sight, you don't have to spend a shitload of extra money on a mount. Attach it directly to the flat-top and you are in business.

The Aimpoint may have a slight toughness edge, but for anyone who takes care of their weapon and doesn't use it for a battering ram, I see it as being tough enough. I have by no means given mine the baby treatment and I've had no issues.

I also love the ACOG, although price is an issue with some people. The cool thing about those is no batteries needed and if you want the best of both worlds with close and longer range shooting, they handle that role better than the Aimpoint or EO Tech.

I see a use for all 3 optics in military and LEO. All 3 are quality.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:42:30 AM EST
lots of em over there
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