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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/21/2005 9:13:02 AM EDT
We need a party that will represent the voice of the people. A party to advance the issues that are important to the average citizen in regards to what a government SHOULD do for the people of OUR Nation

I say OUR Nation instead of calling it 'my Nation' or something similar because it is too large and impressive a thing for one man to claim.

This land has flourished and grown strong through the pursuit of what is just, right and good.
But over the years, it seems that the two parties have grown farther and more distant in relation to the people they supposedly represent.

Unfortunately, the third parties that have cropped up have been too radical a departure from mainstream america that they have no chance against the Republicans or the Democrats.

"That this Nation, by the people, for the people and of the people Will not Perish from the Earth."

That is my sole concern. Anything that weakens America in the face of her enemies (Foriegn and Domestic) is anathema to me and my way of thinking. There is no middle ground. There is no fence to sit on.

There are two sides in this conflict:
The Side of Justice, Freedom and Liberty... And the side of Murder, intolerance and religious totalitarianism that currently runs rampant across the globe

Which side you are on is up to you, but you can be certain, that if you are not on their side, you will be conquered by the sword unless you stand up and declare that you will not submit to tyrany. That you refute their mad thirst for power and control in the guise of 'religion'.

Stand up and be heard.

Declare your Allegiance to the singularly American Ideal that has seen Millions liberated, and inspired millions more.

Life, Liberty, Freedom from fear. These are the birthrights of Humanity. They do not belong to a single nation alone, but to us all.

When you raise your hand to willingly defend the rights of others, you in turn defend your own right to do so.

Make the right choice for our future, for your future, for the future of our children and OUR Nation.
I am but one man, with one voice. I dont have the political ambition to run for office, nor the connections to advance another. But I am certain, that somewhere, someone has the voice, the face and the drive to do what is right and just for us as Americans.

Lets take the Republic Back together.
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