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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 10/16/2002 5:09:05 AM EDT
GB can we discuss this? Too many and I have no idea who any of these people are
Link Posted: 10/18/2002 10:30:02 PM EDT
Are you referring to your AR15.com e-mail account or your IM account? If it is your ar15.com e-mail account : We have a brand spanking new anti-spam scanning server in place! We will never be able to totally stop scumbag spammers, but we can hammer 'em down a bit. [:D] You will note a text line that appears at the bottom of "suspected spam" e-mails. It contains the phrase "POTENTIAL SPAM" followed by the type. Simply use your mail client (outlook express / outlook / eudora / our webmail / etc...) to filter on this and throw this suspected e-mail into a separate folder for later review. ----------------------------------------------- Here is a partial listing of the tests / text: MAPS RBL - This used to be the most popular test, used by many large ISPs. It tries to block sources that allow spam to be sent through their servers, and do not do anything to prevent it. Envelope Mail From - This tests the "From" address as listed in the SMTP envelope, to make sure that the domain has an MX or A record. Or, if you want to be super strict, you can just check the MX record. MAPS DUL - DUL has a list of many "dial-up lines", or IP addresses of people connecting with a modem. Most spammers use a dial-up connection to connect to an innocent mail server (possibly yours!) to do the dirty work. This doesn't trap much legitimate E-mail, since those usually will go through a real mail server. OSRSS - OsiruSofts Open Relay Spam Stopper. Another list of spammers' IP addresses. Includes 5 different databases. Reverse DNS - Checks to make sure that a reverse DNS entry exists for the IP address sending you the mail. The RFCs require a reverse DNS entry, and lots of spam is sent from IPs without a reverse DNS entry. However, there are quite a few legitimate mail servers set up without a reverse DNS entry. NOPOSTMASTERS - This database lists domains that do not have a postmaster addresses (which violates RFCs). NOABUSE - This database lists domains that do not have an abuse address, which also is required. DSN - You can use this database to handle E-mail coming from domains that block bounce messages (which can cause you extra work). BADHEADERS - Looks for broken E-mail headers, that are common in spam as spammers try to forge headers. This test can't accidentally catch any legitimate mail (except mail from broken E-mail clients, probably beta versions). SPAMROUTING - Looks for E-mail that takes a very poorly defined path that wastes bandwidth. For example, a U.S. spammer sending to a recipient in the U.S., but relaying through a server in China would trigger this test. WEIGHTING - This unique test (in the latest beta version of Declude JunkMail) assigns each of the other tests a weight (which you can change if you like), and once an E-mail fails enough tests to reach a certain "trigger" value, the WEIGHTING test will mark the E-mail as spam. This will allow you to use tests that have high false positive rates, while not worrying as much about losing legitimate mail. HELOBOGUS - This test will detect invalid HELO (or EHLO) data. For example, one major spammer now sends E-mail claiming to be from a mailserver called "$domain", which is not the name of a real mailserver. The HELOBOGUS test will catch that.
Link Posted: 10/19/2002 5:56:39 AM EDT
I guess you`re saying a lot of members get junk......my thoughts were.....if the primary use of the e-mail is anti virus....i could live without it......you could too....but if it isn`t a hassle for you guys.....then it`s ok with me......since you have adressed it with thouroghness......guess we`ll see how it goes......im mail is fine......thanks for all the info......wasn`t really expecting it but....appreciated.........one question....why does it have to be called spam?....i like spam!......."bacon-eggs-pankackes and spam..........spamity spam....spamity spam".............(sorry).........[whacko]
Link Posted: 10/19/2002 6:19:11 AM EDT
I used to have the same problem. I then went to my address book and made the first few entires as false e-mail addresses. just as 1234@yahoo.com or ABCDEF@hotmail.com, things like that. That way if you have the KLEM or KLEZ running around in your mail it will try sending mail to these false addresses and it will stop it from continuing. I'm not sure how it work or even if my theory is right. But what I did to my address book works very well for me. Hope this helps!! [beer]
Link Posted: 10/19/2002 11:10:24 AM EDT
worth a try.....they must be picking adresses at random......or it`s somebody who follows the site......(groupies?.....nah)....i`ll check that out.....thanks......
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