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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/1/2001 7:25:33 PM EST
I was wanting to see everyone's 700PSS. I'm still tryin to find the right one, but I just want to see them all. Thanks and happy posting.. MIKIE
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 7:53:19 PM EST
I had one, but the damn thing was too heavy, although it was damn accurate. I went to the fn fal and haven't regretted the change.
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 7:59:00 PM EST
Sorry no pic. PSS, 26" Barrel in .300 Ultra Mag. Looks like most any other PSS with a magnum action, floorplate and 26" barrel. It's a heavy beast, but the weight helps keep the recoil manageable. Still trying to decide on the optics.
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 8:25:23 PM EST
A buddy of mine has a Remington 700 PSS LTR DBM It's a handy package with the 20" fluted HB. He got it sighted in about 2.5" high at 100yrds & dead on at 200yrds with 168BTHP ammo. It's got a very nice Leupold Vari-X III mounted on low rings. The DBM was a little finicky at first but with some minor tweaking it works fine now. The factory trigger is ok , I think a Jewell would be an improvement.
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 8:41:29 PM EST
Mikie, Here you are, first my Rem 700PSS in .308 with Leupold 4.5x14x50 LR Tactical, Leuplold Mk 4 rings, NightForce 20moa tapered bases, Jewell Trigger (2lbs), Harris bipod, and it lives in it's Pelican case... [img]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=280287&a=9188528&p=29856145[/img] Next is my Rem 700VS in 223Rem. I replaced the factory stock (from HS precision) with a PSS style stock from HS Precision. The scope is a Tasco SS (super sniper) 10x42, 2 piece 20moa tapered bases and AMRS #22L rings, Harris bipod, and it's own Pelica case too. [img]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=280287&a=9188528&p=52408934[/img] Hope these help you decide on your configuration some....more pics can be seen in the album at:[url]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=280287&a=9188528[/url] Take care and feel free to e-mail if you have questions. Steve
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 9:11:37 PM EST
Originally Posted By SteveG: ....and it lives in it's Pelican case...
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But one day you will set it free and let it live on the range where it can digest all the ammo it needs, right? [;)]
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:00:05 AM EST
Here is mine...20" flutted LTR in .308 [img]http://www.ar15.com/members/albums/AR%5FRifle%2FTest27nw%2Ejpg[/img]
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:01:59 AM EST
What is the differenc between a PSS and an LTR?
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:04:27 AM EST
PSS DM in .300 Win Mag [IMG]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=192182&a=1409106&p=48153328&Sequence=0&res=high[/IMG]
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:04:44 AM EST
LTR stands for Light Tactical Rifle. A shorter barrel 20" and a much lighter rifle.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 7:08:51 AM EST
Mine has a Kahles ZF95 with mildot reticle, attached with Entreprise Arms "Tactical II" rings and mount. Avoid these mounts! Their beauty is only skin deep. Both scope rings stripped out before they were tightened, and the mount IS NOT elevated for BDC scopes as the sales literature claims. I had to overhaul the rings and shim the hell out of them. Regardless, If I do my part, it will shoot just under 1 MOA with my 168gr handloads. Accessories include: Carlos Hathcock sniper pack mat and scope cover by BlackHawk, Leupold compact spotting scope, Tasco laser rangefinder, log book, Harris swivel bipod, bean bag, Turner Saddlery leather sling, Otis compact sniper rifle cleaning kit, Dewey cleaning rod, and Midway bore guide. All of this except the cleaning rod fits inside of the BlackHawk pack mat. The pack mat is one of the best pieces of gear that I have. You can wear it like a backpack, use it as a shooting mat, drag bag, and rifle case. It comes two pouches in the interior that are well located and sized for a box of ammo and for a logbook.
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 6:20:05 AM EST
My buddy has a PSS .308, and I have a LTR .308 - and we both LOVE em'!!! My LTR is equipped with a Leupold 4.5-14 x 40 AO VXIII, and a Harris swivel mount bipod. With Fed. Gold Match 168-gr. BTHP's it shoots sub-MOA, right out of the box, at 100 yds. I haven't tried it farther yet. My buddy's PSS is just as, if not a little more, accurate. I bought mine from Tony Lawson, at Town Police Supply in VA. His number is 1-800-752-5580, and his prices are the best I can find, anywhere! The last time I looked, he was selling the .308 PSS for $659-669, delivered! Good luck...
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 6:38:41 AM EST
My LTR averages a little under 3/4" groups. It is a 308. I feel that a LTR in 308 is the best "All around" rifle. You can do anything with it. there is a big difference in handling when you drop fromm 26" to 20" barrel. I love this little rifle. It is good for about 600 or so yds. . I doubt most of us will be making shots that far so the LTR is more practicle for everyday shooting or hunting. I busted a few deer last year with mine. I need to find a good fixed 10X scope for it. It is bare right now. I have my only good scope on my other rifle.
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 10:10:16 AM EST
I have a friend with a LTR. Being left handed I went with a left hand VS on .308. We both have Harris' bipods and 3rd generation Springfield Armory 4-14X56 scopes. I don't know which rifle is more accurate, but he outshoots me with a rifle quite handily.
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 10:30:03 AM EST
My LTR... [img]http://www.shadows.com/dave/pss700ltr.gif[/img] targets [url]http://www.shadows.com/dave/target.htm[/url]
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