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Posted: 7/21/2001 8:32:31 PM EDT
In the last 6 months on I-5 (WA) I have seen: 6-car fires at night and day 1-huge RV in full-out flames 1-steaming overheated vehicle burst into flame 6-individual vehicle vs vehicle rear-end collisions 2-multivehicle rearend collisions one of which a midsized truck veered so hard to the right, it jumped across 2 lanes, was t-boned by a tire smoking Taurus and then was pushed to within 20 feet of a parked Trooper (who then had a busy morning I suspect). The other occurred at over 70 MPH...talk about smoking tires (good thing I had an open express lane to bail into.) 1-new looking vehicle at my 10 oclock had its hook unlatch, flip-up into its windshield while travelling at 65MPH or so...the funny thing is that the driver continued on for almost a 1/4 mile before pulling over and passed a Trooper who must have missed it. 3-tractor trailer tire blowouts. One shot up over my truck and my son asked what the heck the black thing was that was flying through the sky [:)]. Two blew while I was side-by-side with them and I thought someone either shot a 300 WINMAG in my cab or a grenade mistakenly found its way into my bed. 1-bird (unknown type) flew into my brushguard, careened up over my cab and disappeared. 5-failure to merge. 6-attempted lane changes [b]INTO[/b] my vehicle 10+ cut me off then slow down below the speed limit. (whats the point?) And today I had a pigeon fly off of an overpass, make a nice sweeping J-Hook pattern towards my 75MPH vehicle, and then he/she leveled off, nailed my antenna, and got vaulted over my windshield. I last saw it performing a rather nice flat-spin into the brush covered divider. I'm not even going to mention the events in the city. Only the sunsets in AZ can beat the color of those nighttime carfires. CS
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