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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/15/2003 4:30:37 PM EST
Well, at least he'll get 100 Tennessee votes!!!!! Loser http://tennessean.com/government/archives/03/06/34423465.shtml?Element_ID=34423465 Sparse crowd doesn't sway loyals at 'draft Gore' rally A rally supporting a run for President in 2004 by former Vice President Al Gore drew just over 100 people to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall. By HOLLY EDWARDS Staff Writer A rally to drum up support for a presidential run by former vice president Al Gore drew a sparse crowd of just over 100 people to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall amphitheater yesterday. Despite a slate of musical entertainment and speakers planned for the afternoon, some rally attendees left early, carrying away red, white and blue ''Draft Gore'' signs and bumper stickers. But Gore supporters said they were not discouraged by the light attendance and planned to continue their efforts to persuade Gore to run in the 2004 presidential election. ''I believe Al Gore can see what's going on in this country, and he knows it's not a pretty picture,'' said Nancy Moynihan of Houston, Texas, a member of the grass-roots organization, Elect Gore '04, which held the rally. ''This has gone beyond whether Al Gore wants to run or not. This is a call to arms.'' Gore supporters have been buoyed by a recent CNN/Time poll showing Gore leading the Democratic field of possible candidates with 40%, compared with 7% each for Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Joe Lieberman and Rep. Dick Gephardt. Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election with more votes than any other Democratic nominee in history. ''We're fighting a war based upon a lie and Bush got into this office illegally,'' said John Claybrooks of Nashville. ''The country can't afford four more years of this.'' Other Gore supporters said they were most concerned about President Bush's economic policies. Billy Hasty, a retiree from Winchester who drove 90 miles to attend the rally, said he has lost about 40% of his retirement investment funds since George W. Bush became president. ''I think Bush has done a fantastic job with the war, but the next president has to do a better job with the economy,'' Hasty said. ''I'm for tax cuts, but Bush's are not being done fairly. They're benefiting the wealthiest people who aren't going to go out and spend that money.'' The rally took place on the same day Katherine Harris, Florida's chief elections official during Gore's 2000 ballot recounting, was in Nashville for a daylong meeting with U.S. and Mexican leaders. Harris, a Republican congresswoman from Florida, said she was not aware of the rally. ''We welcome him to the race,'' she said with a laugh at a luncheon organized by the campaign staff of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. ''I think history will show we followed the law. I wouldn't have done anything differently.'' To those who believe Gore lost Florida only because of inaccurate ballot counting, Harris said, ''That's just an urban legend. The votes were counted and recounted and recounted again. The Democrats wanted to recount until they had a win.
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 4:34:03 PM EST
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