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Posted: 10/12/2004 5:20:12 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/12/2004 5:23:08 AM EDT by photoman]
Man this is some shit guys. While at work yesterday, I was listening to the scanner. I heard the traffic stop when the car was pulled over. Heard the cop chasing one of the guys cuz they both ran. The officer got one of the guys the other got away, the other took off in the car,crashed it and than took off running, they didn't catch him though. I heard the whole thing, it was crazy. Also heard the call get dispatched to the house for an officer and a rescue squad. This is some shit. This happened like a block or so from a buddies girlfriend's house and her parents house. This is the second home invasion that has ended in somone getting killed this year in this city. The first one that happened was back in april and it was friend of mine and former co-worker that was killed. Oh and this happened on the same street I live on, just about a mile maybe less away from my house. I just wish these fucks could get fried in the chair, to bad we don't got the death penalty

ETA: And my friends wonder why I carry a pistol around at home of all places.

2 killed in Racine home -- Arrest made in connection with deaths
By Jeff Wilford

RACINE - Two women were tied up and apparently shot to death in their home Monday in the Rubberville neighborhood.

Hours later, Milwaukee police arrested a man in connection with the crime, which Racine police believe may have been linked to an earlier traffic stop and chase that ended when a car hit a garage nearby on Republic Avenue.

Details on the crime were still emerging Monday evening, but for neighbors, it brought echoes of the killings of Herman and Carol Peterson, ages 72 and 69 respectively, on Jan. 3, 2002. They lived at 3725 Republic Ave., just around the corner and half a block away from Monday's tragedy.

"It's hard on the neighborhood, this kind of thing," neighbor Kathy Wisialowski said.

The bodies were found at 1721 Blaine Ave., the home of Robert F. and Nancy Mason. A 17-year-old son found the back door to the home open and, inside, the bodies of the two women, a 40-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter, when he came home from school, police records show.

The Masons are the parents of six children including their oldest daughter, believed to 18 or 19 years old.

Soon after the son called police, the family dog could be seen on the porch with duct tape around its muzzle. Macemon said the dog was not muzzled by police.

One police officer at the scene wore the shirt of the department's gang unit. As police awaited the search warrant so they could begin processing the scene, the Masons' other children began arriving home from school to find their house surrounded by yellow police tape, a half-dozen police vehicles and numerous officers.

Two of the children who arrived home together looked bewildered as Racine Police Department Spokesman Sgt. Bill Macemon escorted them into his waiting squad car.

Police picked up Robert Mason at Southern Wisconsin Center, where he worked as a resident care technician. He arrived in a sheriff's squad car - he was not in custody - and the family was assembled in a neighbor's home to be told the news.

Neighbors repeatedly described the Masons as nice and polite, but as a family that mostly kept to themselves, and some neighbors did not know their names.

The Masons had lived in the duplex for nine or 10 years, neighbors said. One neighbor, Shawn Calverley, said the Mason children were home-schooled for some time, but that they attend public schools now.

The family owned one car, but it was rarely used, neighbors said. Instead, the family walked or took a bus most of the time. Robert Mason was picked up by a van to get to and from work.

Kathy Wisialowski said she heard about three loud bangs that sounded like backfires from a car at about 12:30 p.m. She assumed it was another neighbor working on his car and looked outside but saw nothing. There was no firm indication, however, whether the sounds were related to the deaths.

Police Sgt. William Macemon said the investigation led to a suspect in Milwaukee, who was arrested Monday night.

That man had been involved in a traffic stop in the 1900 block of Hayes Avenue earlier in the day. At the traffic stop, a passenger got out of the car and fled on foot; the driver fled in the vehicle, Macemon said.

Police caught the passenger after a foot chase. The vehicle later crashed into a garage in the 3300 block of Republic Avenue, and the suspect ran from the crash, and police believe, into the Masons' house, Macemon said.

Although the suspect wasn't arrested specifically in the deaths of the two women - police arrested him for the traffic stop and crash - Macemon said he was "definitely a suspect" in the deaths. Police were still preparing to talk to the suspect late Monday night.

Police didn't know if there was any connection between the suspect and the victims, Macemon said.

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