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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/8/2002 3:14:11 AM EST
I've stopped writing for awhile, cause I've been fighting the forces of evil...... It all started back in Aug 01, when I filed for parternity and custody of my son, from my ex-girlfriend. Some, woman's group gave her advice.......on how to fight back....... So, she started by getting a temp. restraining order. She claimed that I had abused/struck her in the elevator, three days prior to my first hearing in my child custody case. She even bruised herself in order to add to her lie. Being an LEO and gun collector, you know what that means. I immediately lost all my rights to own and posses firearms. I immediately filed a case of PURJURY against her. Which I might add was never investigated, even though I volunteered to have myself polygraphed, if she would do the same. **Lucky for me she didn't file a case with the police. Because, I would have been arrested and jailed based on the standing orders of the police in my area. Because of her story, that I had "abused her," she immediately got temp. custody and I got "vistitation." I was now the "BAD GUY." Before the the hearing for the temp. restraining order; My lawyer told me to, "deny the allegations and stipulate to the restraining order." You see, IF you are found to have committed "domestic violence," you will not be getting custody. My lawyer advised me to fight the bigger battle, "of child custody." So, even though she lied to get the temp. restraining order, I had to stipulate to the order in an effort to get my case heard for the child custody battle, per my lawyer's advice. Believe me it's stupid........so, I go to court and she asks the judge (male) to dissolve the restraining order........boy, was I suprised. But, the judge refused to dissolve the restraining order. The judge asks her, why she wanted the order to be dissolved. Her response was that she wanted to move on with her life, etc... The Judge then asks, if her statement/allegation of abuse had actually occured. Come on Judge.....what do you expect her to say. If she tells the Judge it was a fabricated story, she will be guilty of PERJURY. So, of course she says it happened. So, the Judge denies the dissolution of the restraining order and proceedes to give me grief, about what will happen to me IF I VIOLATE HIS RESTRAINING ORDER. Perhaps, the Judge was doing the POLITICALLY CORRECT thing. After all, IF a woman gets hurt by a mean man without the restraining order (that she had asked to be dissolved), then he wasn't doing his job of protecting them. And owning guns isn't a real RIGHT anyway. And too bad for me that I'm an LEO and my job requires me to be armed. There is no taking of responsibility for one's own actions. Cause you know "abused spouses," can't think for them selves. They need the government to make decisions for them. They need the government to "force" their cases through the system, because men are manipulating them into dropping their abuse cases. RIGHT...... Anyway, long story short, I finally got paternity and full custody of my son. The restraining order was dissolved, after the other Judge (female) gave me custody of my son. What can I say, the Judge (male) does not have my respect and the "system" needs to be FIXED. Dammm......Klinton.
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