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Posted: 1/3/2003 2:47:23 PM EDT
On E-Bay, a fellow found an ad for a talking dog in Florida, only $20.  Instead of bidding, he decided to fly directly to the source.  After an hour’s drive from Orlando, he arrives at a shack in the swamps.  He asks the owner, “You the one with the dog for sale?”  The owner says, “Yeah.”  “Mind if I speak to him?” “Nope, he’s inside on the couch, watching T.V.”  The potential buyer goes inside and sees the dog, an 80-lb. mutt, watching T.V. and sipping beer through a straw.  He asks the dog, “What’s your story, Pooch?”  The dog replies, “Well, as a young pup, I was a mine-sniffing dog during Desert Storm/Shield.  I was wounded, given a Purple Heart by Presidential Directive, then returned to civilian care.  I spent the next eight years as a DEA drug sniffer, and was declared disabled after sustaining several gunshot wounds.  I was recalled during 9/11, was proud to have saved more than one citizen from the rubble, and received a Presidential Citation.”  The potential buyer staggers out of the shack, and asks the owner, “How could you sell such a fine animal for only $20?”  The owner says, “I’m so sick and tired of his continual fu*king lies.”
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 2:49:42 PM EDT
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