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Posted: 4/1/2002 9:57:15 AM EDT
Topic: Blood donation and use. The Red Cross will be happy to take your blood if you DONATE it, but they won't BUY blood. That donated blood, if it gets used in a hospital for a transfusion, will show up on the patient's bill at an average cost of SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS PER PINT. They're making a shitload of money off the blood I donated. (Well, I haven't donated any...this is why.) Do you think that's fair? If they want my highly desirable type O-negative blood (universal donor type, the best! And clean, too! Not so much as a cold virus!) then they can damned well cut me in for a percentage of the sale price. Like, HALF. For 300 bucks a pint, I'll donate a pint every two weeks. Otherwise, keep that damned needle away from me. Does anybody else think like I do on this? If that donated blood didn't end up getting SOLD to the patient, I don't think I'd have a problem with it, but it IS SOLD, and for rip-off amounts of money! CJ
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:12:11 AM EDT
Do you have a source for this info? I would really like to show a few folks...
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Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:28:04 AM EDT
My AB+ blood is 3rd rarest. Maybe I'll negotiate for it next time.
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:34:53 AM EDT
In defense of the money-grubbing vampires of the medical industry [;)], I'd like to point out that even though donors don't charge anything for their blood, it still costs the hospital something to get it: 1) It costs money to collect the blood. (Facilities, staff, needles, tubes, bags, paperwork, et cetera) 2) It costs money to transport and store the blood. 3) It costs money to test the blood. Six hundred dollars a pint does seem excessive. [dracula]
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:44:52 AM EDT
Originally Posted By FMJunkie: Do you have a source for this info? I would really like to show a few folks...
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Admittedly, I have no access to anyone's medical bills unless they let me get to them, and I haven't made it my crusade to prove this, but en I worked with a volunteer ambulance squad, and I was told that this is really about right these days. I agree, there are some expenses incurred to handle, test, store, and use the blood, but they shouldn't be THAT much! Heck, just get checked into a hospital for observation overnight, with NO medical procedures performed except for checking your blood pressure, pulse, breathing, just the basics, and the bill will be what...600 bucks at a minimum? For a lousy bed and maybe an even worse meal? If you want to rip people off legally, open a hospital. CJ
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My family used to be big supporters of the Red Cross. I'm not sure about the rest of them, but I've pretty much given up on the organization since last September. BTW, there are lots of places that will buy blood from you -- drunken bums all over the country sell their blood to get a few bucks for more booze. Just wander down to your local "homeless" shelter and ask for directions.
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