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Posted: 5/17/2007 7:01:55 PM EDT

Many people here and otherwise that I meet on a day to day basis seem to embrace free trade and globalism.


1. Is not deporting illegal aliens and opposing amnesty legislation contrary to these beliefs of free trade, globalism and open markets or borders?

2. Is not protecting our markets ( jobs, way of life, standard of living ) considered socialism and or isolationism by these same people? And that protecting our borders ( jobs, way of life, standard of living ) are not for some reason?

3. Why is it sending American workers jobs to communist countries or importing socialist immigrants to do the rest of our jobs internally considered capitalism?

4. Is Free trade really good for "people" ( American workers ) or "large corporations"?


Are not Nike Tennis shoes still $120 or more, made with 50 cent labor? How does this benefit the consumer? Is the argument that American made shoes would cost more valid with this example?


Im confused and at the same time amazed by the lack of the ability of many people to grasp the reality of the current agenda we are being subjected to by BOTH parties. To me it is without question not a "Whoopsy Daisy" series of events that put us in our current situation, it is obviously calculative.

I contend that free trade and globalism do go hand in hand with open borders, allowing illegal immigrants to enter our country and to furthermore give them amnesty. Simply put, The jobs they didnt or couldnt send overseas they imported the labor here through both legal and illegal immigration. Is not free trade, globalism and open borders all one in the same?

Link Posted: 5/18/2007 5:52:07 AM EDT
No one from the night crew could answer these simple questions. Day crew?
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 6:07:21 PM EDT
I posted this back at the end of May without any takers. I would like to try again as im sure many would agree is an important issue. I have changed and mixed up the post somewhat to hopefully find others to tackle this issue both for and against.

Im hoping folks will be constructive and realistic in their answers.
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 8:53:52 PM EDT
I understand. Reason is not easily argued with. The problem is many if not most of the supporters of globalism and free trade on the GD do not support amnesty of illegal immigrants. They know its wrong.

The reason why i think is that it is a moreso immediate issue that they see personally on a day to day basis. Its in their face, it is tangible so to speak, as opposed to something that has been sold to them through programming over a period of decades that they cant see the immediate result.

The original PT Barnum like assertion of the Free trade folks was that they would make the third world our slaves. The end result would then be that the consumer would be able to buy their goods cheaper and thus have more disposable income.

In reality none of this happened. The cheaper labor derived from the "third world slave" was then used to maximize profits or intercepted by the corporation and placed into the pocketbook of the owners or fat cat financiers and board members of said company.

Basically it was a way to shift a larger share of the companies generated funds from the worker to the board members or owners of the corporations.

Imagine Corporation "A" that sells widgets. For laymens understanding we will say they generate 4 million per year and profit after providing an income for their domestic workers was 1 million dollars to the company. Again for ease of understanding we will say they pay out 2 million to their domestic workforce and 1 million to business expenses and material.

They then hire a fancy Oxford trained economist ( read socialist ) who comes in and says wait Corp. "A" you are spending way too much cash for your domestic work force. You need to move manufacturing overseas. And by doing so cut the labor costs in half. The end result will be 2 million dollars profit per year. Thus doubling the corporations profits.

The element they are not taking into account is that over a few decades, they will no longer have a customer as he no longer has an income.. But then again will it matter? The company has accelerated their profit by a factor of 2 and thus the "I gots mine already" mindset takes over. Its called greed. And it is at the expense of The American worker who is trying to feed his family.

A very insightful and brilliant man understood this. His name was Henry Ford. He invented the assembly line thus revolutionizing manufacturing. He also realized that his worker must be able to afford the product in which they manufacture. He paid them very well for the time period. he realized that without a customer there is not a market for his product.

Rather simple isn't it? I suppose not, as others are compelled to be right at whatever the cost in this often debated topic. Even if it means the cost of his own livelihood as well of those of the future generations of his loins.
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