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Posted: 4/20/2016 11:03:55 PM EDT
I've inherited an old phone system that I need to configure. And, if I'm lucky, figure out the reason for the alarm light on it too.

I've found the V4 software and gotten it to talk to the PBX over a serial cable, but it refuses to do anything beyond connect as the PBX is on V3.

The unit is currently up and running, so I can't jump in, blow it away and play. Whatever i do has to keep the current functions intact. Heck - I'm even afraid to power cycle it. That means I have to find a copy of the V3 software. Google has only been of limited helpfulness. Hits are not malware sites or other scam bait are for other hardware.

Any SOHO phone types out there have a copy of the V3 config manager?
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