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Posted: 10/13/2004 10:42:09 AM EDT
My dads garden is flat producing peppers this year and he just brought me a ton of them. I like them put up sliced with carrots and onions but don't have a tried and true recipe. Any out there ya'll know of?
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 10:53:10 AM EDT
Im looking for a hot sauce recipe myself.. have a ton of neon green/yellow hungarian wax, nice jalapenos, some evil mexican chilis, and my favorite, some habernero type jamacian peppers, orange of course to warn you of their power...

Id like to make some sauce, or get them into some state for storage. I have already dehydrated enough.. any ideas?

sorry for the hijack if taken that way.. E
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 10:58:19 AM EDT
get a jar of pickles.
take out the pickles.
put in peppers.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 10:59:02 AM EDT
How about this one (from Bobby Flay):

Pickled Green Chiles: 2 cups red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons kosher 2 tablespoons sugar 6 whole serrano chiles, washed well and dried 6 jalapeno chiles, washed well and dried

Place vinegar, salt and sugar in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Continue boiling until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved. Place the chiles in a glass jar or nonreactive bowl and pour the hot vinegar mixture over.

Haven't tried it myself yet, but it was on my to do list for this weekend.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:04:00 AM EDT
i cold can mine.
slice peppers and drop in scalding hot water. 175 deg.f
do not blanch. if the skin begins to peel off you have left them in to long.
boil your jars and lids.
pack jars with peppers fill to level full with white vinegar.
Place lid on top of jar but do not seal. Allow to sit for several hours. The jars will heat up and get warm to the touch. Put ring on jar and tighten the lid down and put in refrigerator for 24 hrs. store in pantry, or in refrigerator. the lids will suck in.

You can add baby carrots bell pepper and baby onions but be sure to drop them in boiling hot water.

You can cut the white vinegar with up to 50% boiled water but you have to cut the peppers and boil them in water.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:05:50 AM EDT
Try www.fiery-foods.com for recipes.

My crop was pretty weak this year. I lost a bunch of plant to root rot early in the year.

Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:07:30 AM EDT
Dude, just get a 5 lb. sack of canning salt. On the back of the sack is a receipe for pickles. Just substitute the jalepenos for the cucumbers. It will work fine. You might want to try bread and butter jalepenos. They are great.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:08:55 AM EDT
Wash the peppers, slice onion and carrots.
Blanche the whole mess. (you may want to boil the carrots a little while if you like them softer)
If you want crispy peppers, just blanch for a couple minutes (just enough to kill any bacteria that may be on them), if you want them softer, boil them longer.
Put peppres, carrots & onion in a jar, add a teaspoon or two of salt, sliced up clove of garlic(if you want) cover with white vinegar and refrigerate for 1-3 weeks. The peppers will pickle a little faster if you split the tips a little. For milder peppers, split 'em down the middle and remove the seeds
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:11:18 AM EDT
Another couple jalapeno or other pepper recipes.

1 dozen hot chilies
2 cups white vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tablespoon pickling salt
1/2 tablespoon mustard seeds
1/2 tablespoon celery seeds

Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for 15 minutes.

1 cup bottled mayonnaise
1/2 cup cilantro leaves
1/2 cup flat leaf parsley leaves
2 cloves whole garlic, coarsely chopped
3 whole pickled jalapenos, stems removed
2 teaspoons lime juice
Dash of Worcestershire sauce

In a blender combine mayonnaise, cilantro, parsley, garlic, jalapenos, lime juice and Worcestershire and blend until smooth. Serve with chicken or meat.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:30:03 AM EDT
Emeril has a recipe that I have used, but it is at home and I am at work. It uses Zatarians crab boil, 1/2 of the bag, white vinegar, salt, and probably not much else. Maybe a bay leaf or something leafy, if I remember. I made some pickled jalapenos, with small tomatoes, small onions, etc. for garnish in Martinis. It was awesome.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:33:08 AM EDT
This is looking good , several that look very tasty , I have jars, have to get some pickling salt and get busy!!
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 11:37:54 AM EDT
tagged for later
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