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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/23/2003 6:32:47 PM EDT
DO NOT HOTLINK! http://www.democraticunderground.com/cgi-bin/duforum/duboard.cgi?az=show_thread&om=76&forum=DCForumID70 CRC
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 6:40:45 PM EDT
VERY suprising "moderation" on the issue coming from a bunch of bed-wetters. I wasn't expecting that.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 6:47:54 PM EDT
I get the feeling that deam is simply blowing smoke about guns. after reading his website, I have a feeling that he would be the same as CLinton/Gore/whoever. And one other thing: The 'let the states decide' is horseshit, it is contrary to the spirit of Constitution and the Founding Fathers.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 6:59:49 PM EDT
That's encouraging. They seem totally and completely defeated on the issue.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:11:03 PM EDT
Dean [b]supports[/b] renewing the [red]AWB[/red], and the "[red]gunshow loophole[/red]" bullshit.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:11:44 PM EDT
If it were a Republican they were talking about they would be crying about all the dead children.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:13:27 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:16:04 PM EDT
[bs] He is lying low and letting the pro-gunners pick off whomever dares say anything pro-gun control. Then when he is the last one remaining (IE: elected), he will turn around and have his liberalist ways.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:16:49 PM EDT
Originally Posted By sherrick13: It is all a sham. As soon as they get elected you will see them get more confiscatory than ever.
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Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:22:01 PM EDT
... I really don't give a damn what a Democrats position is on gun control. ... It's their fundamental philosophy on governing that I loathe.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:29:47 PM EDT
I have a feeling that 1/3 of all posters over at Duh are right wing subverters
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:36:36 PM EDT
... Further, here is a typical DU position, you decide.
[i]The defense of guns and the gun issue in this country is obscene. It is irrational and embarrassing. There is no way a civilized society has the need for the guns some people in this country idolize. Gun control is a big issue for me. [red][b]However, I am willing to put it onthe table to get a Democrat elected. But....once this country stablizes again, I will be back at it.[/red][/b][i]
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Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:45:01 PM EDT
The general consensus of dems right now, minus the hardcore anti's, points towards them shying away from gun control. The only problem is that I don't trust them to keep this subject on the backburner for very long especially if they get back some power. We have to treat them all as hard core anti's because once we slack off on them they will strike back.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 7:48:28 PM EDT
yeap Which is why, next fall, I will be buying 20 high caps for every gun I plan on owning for the rest of my natural life.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 8:09:39 PM EDT
Why bother -- He's a lying 2 faced liberal democrap. His position will be what ever he thinks will bring the most voted. Even if that bent over like a congressional page.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 8:09:47 PM EDT
Dean will be a gun grabber as soon as he gets a chance. We've got the demos down and we need to "beat them to death" "stomp a mudhole in their ass" etc. etc.
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 8:36:04 PM EDT
Remember, the Dem strategy (as shown by Clinton) is: [b]RUN CENTER, THEN HARD LEFT[/b] Any Dem presidential candidate should be expected to run to the center, than haul a$$ left if elected (Just like Slick Willy, with socialized medicine and gays in the service)... It's a smokescreen... Vote GOP or go home, they're the only workable alternative...
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