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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/6/2005 10:47:38 PM EDT
Do you like working your job?

Mine sucks.

Vote about your experiance.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:50:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 10:55:49 PM EDT by 4xys2xxs]
Yes, I like my job. MOST of the time

eta: IBTP
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:50:50 PM EDT
No. I work with consumers.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:51:57 PM EDT
Hell no!
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:52:33 PM EDT
Love my job, but none of your poll choices work for me.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:54:05 PM EDT

Originally Posted By FieroLoki:
Love my job, but none of your poll choices work for me.

Yea, there are probably several thousand reasons of reasons why people do what they do.

Whats your reason?
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:03:33 PM EDT
mine sucks ass!!!! putting up with bullshit from hotel guest...sucks
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:06:11 PM EDT
Just like what I do and its a good company (IT work for a hospital)

Originally Posted By gaspain:

Originally Posted By FieroLoki:
Love my job, but none of your poll choices work for me.

Yea, there are probably several thousand reasons of reasons why people do what they do.

Whats your reason?

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:08:52 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 11:10:34 PM EDT by pattymcn]
I love my job but I wish my income was more stable. Lots of peaks and valleys. Patty *ETA* I should add that it can be rather stressful at times too.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:13:58 PM EDT
i don't like it too much, but i've had worse jobs (and made a lot less $$$) before....not that i make that much now......
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:16:49 PM EDT
Love my job ( flight instuctor ) Hate the pay ( what pay ).
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:25:38 PM EDT
Love my job, hate the people I work for.....so dunno where that leaves me.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 9:53:52 AM EDT
I like my job for the most part.
I just don't like all of the people I work for and or with!

There is only one God and I don't think he'd be wasting his time working here!
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 9:56:05 AM EDT
My job is AWESOME !! (I don't mean to gloat, but I love it. Really good colleagues too - one of the very best places in the entire country if you are in my field).

Unfortunately, I may not be allowed to keep it. I should know the answer to that in about a year and a half. Fingers crossed !!

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:01:06 AM EDT
I absolutely loved my job. I was the Manager of a Training Department.

But now that I'm retired, I like this one even better.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:01:50 AM EDT
My job was great, until "Lean Mfg" was put in place
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:03:36 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/7/2005 10:05:00 AM EDT by Greenhorn]
We need a choice that is middle-of-the-road. I don't want to stay in this job forever, but for now it's enough to pay the bills as I go through college. I work at a cafeteria next to the building where I take all my classes, doing various jobs different days. $7.23 per hour (including 20% bonus) and free meals. Good enough for now, and much better than when I used to work at Kroger and get $5.85 an hour -$5 per week for union dues. That work was also incredibly boring. Now I get variety and I get to move around, and it takes five minutes to be ready for class.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:26:09 AM EDT
When your job involves dead children, it's a little awkward to talk about "liking" your job...

But I believe in the program I administer, find the work fulfilling, really like the folks I work with, and find my duties an excellent fit with my education and experience - so you could say I "like" my job as much as would be appropriate...
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:30:33 AM EDT
The only reason Im working here at my old dealership is because they begged me to come back and help after they couldnt find anyone to do my job(parts counter) .

The mechanics get on my nerves every day.

Customer's(1/2 cant speak english)dont know exactly what they need and like to try to blame me.

Service adivisors are dumbasses.

But I couldnt leave my 2 friends hanging without help. Beside its only for a few more months before they sell this place I'll hang around.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:31:08 AM EDT
It sucks ass but what am I to do I have 4 kids and a wife and this BS job for 13 years pays the bills
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:32:24 AM EDT
It sucks most of the time. But I have a wife and kid and a horribly expensive gun habbit to support so I keep on truckin'
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:36:40 AM EDT
I wake up every morning and get ready to run..not walk...to work. I love it! This job is my dream job AND I get paid too!

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:40:01 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:40:39 AM EDT
Love my job - areospace engineering. Yes, think of my crazy ass building the engines you fly with each time they say "flight asttendants prepare for take off". Hope I don't have a bad day.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:49:48 AM EDT
I really like my job (IT Field tech) but the corporate climate has really changed over the years. They use to treat everyone fairly now where in shit on mode. They don't gain anything from the worker by being like this. I really feel I worked harder for them before than under the new Hilter management way of thinking. They want everyone to feel uncomfortable. I really laugh at this and just don't give a shit like I use to. They pay me for 40 hours and I give them 40 hours, not a minute more. If they want to have me work for them 20 more years great I would be happy to. If they fire me tomorrow that's OK with me also. Work / job is not the center of my life. Wife and kids come first!

Overall If I win the lottery I would not walk on them. I would have them get my replacement and ask them when they want me to walk... Right after I tell Hilter to go screw himself!
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 11:14:04 AM EDT
my job has its advantages and disadvantages. mostly disadvantages here recently
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 11:15:37 AM EDT
I used to do it as a non paid volunteer.

What do you think?
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 3:19:13 PM EDT

Originally Posted By dpmmn:
My job was great, until "Lean Mfg" was put in place


that is one of the major issues i had that led me to quit my last job and seek another career.

lean manufacturing is bad but the excutives and management that it draws in are even worse.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 4:41:46 PM EDT
I love the job itself but the micro managing, and incompetency of management from the 2nd level to the president of the company is becoming unbearable. Very few if any of them have any telephony experience and are nothing but number crunchers. Don't know or care how those numbers are generated as long as unrealistic projections are met and they get their bonus they are happy.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:18:52 PM EDT
I like it, but I wouldn't do it for free. The pay is pretty good. But then again, they don't pay me for what I do, they pay me for what I might have to do.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:23:50 PM EDT
I love my job. 15 years so far, 5 more till retirement.

U.S. Coast Guard
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:36:06 PM EDT
love my job , hate my dept. and alot of the people I have to work with

see below ...........
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:37:18 PM EDT

Originally Posted By gaspain:
Do you like working your job?

Mine sucks.

Vote about your experiance.

Note to Gaspain: Do not look for work as an editor...
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:44:54 PM EDT
Some days, its for the love of the job. (usually when traveling to various things)
Other days, its only for the money. (when my one coworker is being a jackass)

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 5:48:58 PM EDT
Love it! Get to build and shoot guns all day. When buds ask if I want to go shooting on the weekend, I have to decline. I'm all shot out.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 6:21:13 PM EDT
LOL I quit my 55K a year job with UPS about 3 months ago to go back to school to try and become an LEO. Sometimes money isnt everything.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 6:45:49 PM EDT

Originally Posted By gaspain:

Originally Posted By FieroLoki:
Love my job, but none of your poll choices work for me.

Yea, there are probably several thousand reasons of reasons why people do what they do.

Whats your reason?

1st job I could get that made surviving possible. I'm setteled in now for the longer haul, &[plankton] working towards my goal of ruling the world.[/plankton]
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 6:50:44 PM EDT
The stress is not worth the money.

If all I had to do was fix things and make a few machine improvments here and there I'd be fine.

But frankly I'm F'n tired of hearing about "continual improvments" "cost downs" "lean manufacturing" "$1 a day labor in China" "cost savings" "steel surcharges" "inventory reduction" "days on hand"

I can go down the road a few miles for about a $2 an hour pay cut and leave all that shxt behind, but I have got my self soooo, used to working overtime I can't afford to leave right now...

keywords: "Right Now" things will change. Abandon Ship, Iceberg dead ahead!!!
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 6:50:50 PM EDT
I've been doing it for about 19.5 years and still enjoy it 80% or more of the time. And it pays halfway decently for the area I live in.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 6:57:53 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:07:01 PM EDT
I love my fucking job.

L O V E - I T .


I feel like that makes me one lucky SOB.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:10:14 PM EDT
I work as a surveilance operator in a casino. (the eye in the sky thing) It's cool somtimes, boring most of the time, but I work with this guy that was in Nam for a couple of years, and he tells me all the dirty little secrets of combat to me, to pass the time. Yesterday I learned about booby traps, and I cought someone marking cards. Its a neat job, but I want to move into VIP security, after I'm done with college. The private sector is were the real money is, and my gun addiction requires lots of money.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:30:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/7/2005 7:30:38 PM EDT by nefariousnick]
I love my job. I hate the bi-polar idiots I work with. I'm ready to retire, 10 years.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:32:23 PM EDT
Yes. I enjoy my job, I enjoy my coworkers, I enjoy the pay.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:34:45 PM EDT
Im looking forward to my new job.

I will be packing your guy's MidwayUSA orders.

I get to work with gun parts and ammo all day.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 8:06:35 PM EDT
I've been doing what I do for 26+years, the last 19+ at the same company I now work for.

It's been a 30+ mile trip, each way.....Rain, Sun, Snow, or Ice... or here in Michigan, ALL OF THE ABOVE!

It's been a tough, thankless, underpaying, unrewarding 19+ years.......

I'm a senior Electronics Tech at an Automobile OEM supplier of Electronics, Wiring, and Instrumentation(< this is what I work on).

My department is being moved, again (My 8th time moving it!), to our North American headquarters across the road.

I'm dreading every moment of it. It's a den of backstabbing, clicky, Jr. high school like, office politics, where I get to go buy, and wear dress clothes, just to do electronics repair on dirty Instrument Clusters.

I just want to do My damn Job, get paid reasonably, and go home!

I've had to, quite literally, rebuild this damn thing 7 times, from scratch, unassisted. The old "Pull Yourself up by the Bootstraps" kind of rebuilding.

We were told each time, by the "Manager of the day", "This is the last time you will ever have to move!...No! Realy!...Why Are you laughing?!?"

Our "New" "work space" is Our current space(2600sq ft.) - 1000 square feet, split into 3 rooms(that are nowhere near each other) and we have to "Share" a good part of it with another department.

We are to be totally moved in by next Monday. The final bit of stuff is to be moved this Friday.

We have had to do 95%+ of the physical moving of Our equipment Ourselves.

A good portion of this "New" space isn't even cleared out for us to put our stuff into.

And the real Topper!!!!!
Today I learned that My job will cease to exist before the end of the year(The boss let it slip out.).

WOW! I've got a whole 3 or so months before I'm totally screwed!

Ah! Company Loyalty!

But Hey! This Friday I get a free overdone burger, flat pop(soda), and a big 2oz. bag of greasy chips so that they can so how much I mean to them!

I think I need a Drink!..........No...Leave the bottle!

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