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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/12/2003 12:04:08 AM EDT
This was from her latest column about Hillary's book. At the tail end, she picks up on something interesting; this guy Greg Packer shows up over and over and over as a "man on the street" in media stories:
Another average individual eager to get Hillary's book was Greg Packer, who was the centerpiece of the New York Times' "man on the street" interview about Hillary-mania. After being first in line for an autographed book at the Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble, Packer gushed to the Times: "I'm a big fan of Hillary and Bill's. I want to change her mind about running for president. I want to be part of her campaign." It was easy for the Times to spell Packer's name right because he is apparently the entire media's designated "man on the street" for all articles ever written. He has appeared in news stories more than 100 times as a random member of the public. Packer was quoted on his reaction to military strikes against Iraq; he was quoted at the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Veterans' Day Parade. He was quoted at not one – but two – New Year's Eve celebrations at Times Square. He was quoted at the opening of a new "Star Wars" movie, at the opening of an H&M clothing store on Fifth Avenue and at the opening of the viewing stand at Ground Zero. He has been quoted at Yankees games, Mets games, Jets games – even getting tickets for the Brooklyn Cyclones. He was quoted at a Clinton fund-raiser at Alec Baldwin's house in the Hamptons and the pope's visit to Giants stadium. Are all reporters writing their stories from Jayson Blair's house? Whether or not it will help her presidential ambitions, "Living History" definitely positions Hillary nicely for a job as a reporter.
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Link Posted: 6/12/2003 12:37:53 AM EDT
Wow! I wonder if the mainstream media will pick up on that. Nice work! [Democrats] now go downtown and offer the homeless drunks some cigarettes in exchange for voting for Gore![/Democrats]
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 2:49:59 AM EDT
[img]http://www.anncoulter.org/images/webimages/gun.jpg[/img] Here's a pic off of Ann Coulter's website.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 5:54:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 6:06:02 AM EDT
[img]http://graphics.theonion.com/onion_current/wdyt_old_man.gif[/img] As attorney, I advice you to drop the matter. Bruce "Big" Dickinson, Retired Mechanic
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 8:50:56 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 8:54:44 AM EDT
A real life Forrest Gump.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 12:49:39 PM EDT
i thought bruce dickinson sang for iron maiden?
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 1:04:49 PM EDT
The "Iron Maiden" Bruce Dickenson WILL be at my house August 6th with the band. Jamming in my garage NO S**T! I will post pictures of them holding my ar-15!!!
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 1:06:46 PM EDT
i think Ann smelt something fishy between her legs
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 1:19:00 PM EDT
Bruce Dickenson is just like every other guy...he puts on his pants one leg at a time...the difference is that after he puts his pants on, he makes gold records.
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 11:03:26 PM EDT
How in the hell do you get Iron Maiden to play in your Garage? I will give you A GI 30 rd AR mag and an AK mag to Bruce if you get him to write a song about keeping our guns.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 12:07:49 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/13/2003 12:13:51 AM EDT by raven]
Originally Posted By NoVaGator: Bruce Dickenson is just like every other guy...he puts on his pants one leg at a time...the difference is that after he puts his pants on, he makes gold records.
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I gotta have more cowbell! And how the hell did this thread get hijacked onto the topic of Bruce dickenson? Oh, Kar98's caption.
Link Posted: 6/13/2003 1:03:57 AM EDT
Now that's an interesting fact!!!!
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