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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/20/2002 9:10:54 AM EST
I read and shake my head in disbelief…You guys are ready to take upon the world and fight terrorists, grab your weapon and be at the ready when SHTF, put holes in anybody that would come uninvited into your house BUT some of you piss in the pants when it comes to fight against a woman. Remember, she turned against you and now she is your enemy (financial, social, legal, etc) and you have to fight the same way. Yes I know, “she is the mother of my children”, “the love of my life”, “…”so many good memories tie us together…”. Well, NO MORE!!! There are a lot of instances when you the MAN is at fault. NOT EVERY Sunday must be a sports day, and your wife is not your beer bringer and sandwich maker. If she doesn’t like weapons (remember! YOU chose HER) then don’t have them all over the house in “just in case”. Not every paycheck you bring home must have “this much aside for a new gun” and a lot more. Both of you are equal and treat yourself as such. There are cases when you are a good husband and the “BITCH” (remember, YOU chose HER) turns against you. In this case, when you face the loss of your children, make her lose them as well (unless you are OK with them witnessing another man hugging your ex). Do this by self implicating with drug possession and tell the LEO that she bought them a lot of times. Stand to loose your house by her kicking you out?. Have an Arab friend call the house (from a public phone) in Arabic and leave messages as “Hello (her name) we need your guidance at our next strategic meeting…” and you call the FBI and let them know that you suspect something fishy about your ex. She took all the money? Go to the local LEO and demand your half of the money as equal profit from the money laundering scheme both of you were running… Remember, she wants to make your life miserable! Stop crying and plan PAY BACK. Revenge is SOOOOO SWEET.
Link Posted: 11/20/2002 9:17:17 AM EST
Geez, Kaoma, is there something you want to share with the rest of the group?
Link Posted: 11/20/2002 9:31:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/20/2002 1:39:38 PM EST
When my ex cheated on me I did the worst thing I could think of. I turned her family against her. They came to comfort me and snubbed her. Since then they've taken her back and don't hate me since it was her fault. But it did feel good at the time.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:02:51 AM EST
The names are changed to protect the guilty. Bob loves his wife. Wife come home and said to bob you move out. What is wrong bob asked ? I need space the bitch said. Bob said I am not moving out and you aren't either we will go to counseling. Next day bob calls friend baddog not U-baddog(remember names have been changed) tells me the deal. Cut the cell phone off and bug the home phone. bob says we have a counselingly session Monday night can you fix it up then. YUP, Monday night comes and he has a sweet digital tap system in the attic with auto controls with fm transmitter for a remote listening connection in the out building. Tuesday Morning she is telling her girlfriend about the Moday session and it turns into a discussion about the guy she is screwing at work and has been for along time (WTF BITCH) Bob plays it cool and lets her go on and on for weeks then files for divorce. By this time he has hours of her cheating on him and stealing money from the family funds. She has her lawyer write up the normal stuff. SHE GETS EVERYTHING. He asked her to sit down and preceded to give her a lesson on what she was going to do. HE WAS GETTING THE HOUSE,they were splitting custody of the kids and he was keeping the new car and she was going to take half of the credit card debt. OR else He then repeated her own words back to her about the cheating and stealing and he new all of this because he had hired a private dictive that had taken pictures and even followed her out of state on a business trip in witch she met her lover.He would tell everybody including the wife of her boyfriend if she gave him any shit at all.Remember he learned all this there the phone calls to her boyfriend and girlfriend. He had already written a document up for her to sign and had a lawyer check it out. He made her sign it then. The boyfriend never left his wife for her. She now lives in a shitty little apartment while she is paying off the credit card bills while I drink beer on the couch she paid for and help Bob find new bitches [;D]
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:23:24 AM EST
Living well is the best revenge.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:26:36 AM EST
Originally Posted By DScott: Living well is the best revenge.
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Agreed, brother.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:31:05 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:35:32 AM EST
Originally Posted By DScott: Living well is the best revenge.
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That may be true, but I think that [b]Bob[/b] has it pretty good.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 5:50:14 AM EST
Originally Posted By tc6969:
Originally Posted By Kaoma: In this case, when you face the loss of your children, make her lose them as well Stand to loose your house by her kicking you out?.
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How do you LOSE a child, but LOOSE a house? Just asking.
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hmmmm.....nothing like being perfect. I guess a typo is unfathomable.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 12:00:08 PM EST
Karma is the ultimate bitch. My story. Bitch cheats on me with a married guy in her office. He was pretty high up in the small company. His wife also worked there. Company finds out and tells my wife to quit and they will give her a good reference or get fired with no reference. She lost her job. I threatened to call her mom and dad if she wasn't out of the house by the weekend. She was. At 26, they still had big influence over her. I told here I didn't want to be her friend, see her face or hear her voice again. Now the Karma: Less than six months after moving out, she calls me, balling, telling me she didn't realize what we had, bs etc. She then told me she received a brain injury after falling off a horse. She wasn't working and she couldn't think quickly, couldn't remember things and still wasn't 100% although she thought she would recover. She asked it we could get back together. I said, "No thanks" and haven't heard from her since. I think she wanted her medical bills to get paid.
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 12:27:49 PM EST
Originally Posted By Guess: Karma is the ultimate bitch.
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EXACTLY. All of this "revenge is so sweet" is crap. It will ultimately destroy you. Living well is "good" revenge because it is about being happy with your own life, and not about being negative or hurting other people. Who care about other people? The past is nothing more than chemicals stored in your brain - why get all bent out of shape over it? Taking revenge demonstates only one thing, and that is that you are NO BETTER than the person who wronged you.
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