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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/16/2001 7:36:40 AM EST
[url]https://www.keepandbeararms.com/newsarchives/XcNewsPlus.asp?cmd=view&articleid=1973[/url] September 14, 2001 America is effectively at war. We are at war with a twisted sort of fanaticism, and with faith badly misused for cynical and totalitarian political ends. But we must not let blind hate guide us towards the wrong target. Today, sitting at home with her husband, Nadja Adolf is afraid to step outside. That won't change for a long time. Nadja is American, born and raised. I need not tell any KABA reader that she's a REAL American; she was the one that pointed out the MMM's criminal abuses to me, and was instrumental in exposing their conduct and getting them thrown out on their butts as the result of the most politically effective series of articles on KABA ever, written by myself and others. See also http://www.KeepAndBearArms.com/MMM. Friday of last week, Nadja and I went to the offices of a Sheriff in a neighboring county, doing some of the final legwork that will lead to another lawsuit on CCW misconduct in California, with Nadja as lead plaintiff. On the drive there and back, we spoke of fanaticism, bigotry, the Taliban and related subjects we agree completely on. You see, Nadja has just enough American Indian ancestry to pass for vaguely Middle Eastern. And more importantly, she is a convert to Islam, an orthodox non-political Sunni branch. She doesn't wear the typical Saudi Arabian "full body veil", but she does dress to follow the orthodox Sunni Islamic "Hijab" (literally, "modesty") standard, which requires coverage except for the hands and face. So long before this latest mess, she's been subject to public verbal assaults, insults and the like. The threat is a LOT worse now. It's an intolerable symptom of the mental weakness that has invaded America, and I'm here to ask the RKBA community not to engage in such stupidity. Even if Nadja was an immigrant from the Middle East, I've known dozens of such people who've fled insanity and tyranny to come to the US. Such people should be respected, not hounded and attacked and killed in the streets. If any Muslim RKBA supporters are reading this, you have my prayers. I would hope NRA instructors will be ready with "Refuse to be a victim" courses for the people threatened, at a minimum. The entire nation should see what we're made of under pressure -- determined to stand against evil, but also intelligent, unbiased and unwilling to sacrifice our standards of justice. Above all, I ask the RKBA community to direct your hate at our *actual* enemies, and not pick the first scapegoat you see. Anyone who would attack Nadja in the street would be striking down a REAL American. Jim March Equal Rights for CCW: http://www.ninehundred.com/~equalccw
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 7:40:01 AM EST
Sorry, don't know why the link does not work.
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