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Posted: 1/1/2003 1:15:15 PM EDT
I got the wife a digital camera for Christmas, well, I said it was for her. [;)]
Anyway, I read through the 6" thick manual, took and passed the test, gave my urine sample and I can now work the thing just fine. Only problem is....how the hell do you re-size the pics so the fit nicely on the screen ???? I keep getting those huge bandwidth gobblers.
I figured out how to crop them smaller, but I want to just shrink the whole pic so it fits nice, not just take a section of it.
It's a canon A40 if that helps.
Thanks in advance !!
Link Posted: 1/1/2003 1:20:47 PM EDT
you have to do that using a good photo editing software.  I use Photoshop (but that's a $600 peice of software).  Generally take pictures in the highest resolution and size your camera will take (as it's easier to make them smaller than it is to make them bigger, without losing quality, that is)

If Microsoft Photo Editor is bringing up the picture, you should be able to resize the image from either the Image or Tools menu at the top.  Find a picture and play around with it a little.  That's the best way to learn.  Just play with it a little,  figure out what everything does.  

Link Posted: 1/1/2003 1:24:57 PM EDT
If you're taking pic at the highest setting you'll need to resize the pic and change the resolution.  For e-mail and posting on the net 72-75dpi is good.  
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