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Posted: 8/3/2005 6:24:42 PM EDT
I posted this in GD by accident. I didnt know we had a photo section.

Please help. My girlfriends youngest daughter was saving up for a digital camera with her babysiting money. She has close to $150. She wants one like mine (Kodak 4310) Its ok but you have to be pretty stil of it will take a fuzzy shot. I think she can do better.

Megapixels is not a big concern as we , or she, wont be making any prints larget than 8x10 so a 3MP is plenty enough. What has a good shutter speed? Or what is it that enable it to take good pics without blurring? We saw a Fuji and it looked good. Is Fuji a decent camera?
Fuji A345

Also what does the ISO  mean? ie ISO 100,200,400 etc?

Here is the little girl who is buying it. Notice how an MP5 makes a kid happy? This is my Gf youngest daughter who was a victim of a pedo that I mentioned in another thread. In this pic it looks like she is thinking about payback.
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