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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/13/2006 9:51:11 AM EDT
My friend told me about this interview that he saw last Friday with a female CNN reporter and a Marine just back from Afganistan. She was trying to put the usual libtard, anti war spin that they do. What got me is when they got to this part of the interview: (not verbatim)

Libtard: You are over there to kill terrorists correct?

Marine: Yes ma'am.

Libtard: So what do you feel when you kill a person?

Marine: Recoil ma'am.

Has anyone else seen this? If so does any one have a link to the video?
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:55:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/13/2006 9:56:28 AM EDT by DK-Prof]

Your friend is likely full of shit. Snopes says there is no such video or interview from CNN or Reuters or any of the sources usually claimed in this story.


Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:57:03 AM EDT
A very old joke that's been retold a thousand times.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:57:28 AM EDT
This pun was around before you were a gleam in your daddy's eye.

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 10:00:21 AM EDT
I had heard the joke before, I was just wondering if the Marine used it on a Libtard.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 10:03:52 AM EDT
I think that interview allegedly happens two or three times a year here.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 10:19:19 AM EDT
did he also see the interview with the former general telling a female news reporter she's a potential prostitute because she has a vagina???
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 10:23:36 AM EDT
I think that joke has been around since 'Nam.
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