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[Last Edit: 5/8/2002 8:20:28 AM EST by Javak]
"She needs to run after a period where the nation is bored with Republican leadership... After a period of boredom where not much is going on domestically for two or three years, I think people may well welcome her sense of activism and her energy." This is a sad but true statement about this country; people want their government to be "seen" doing something for them, fixing things whether they need fixing or not. One can almost sense a cycle going here: 1. Someone comes along promises to fix things and do stuff and get elected. 2. Fixing things got too expensive, caused high taxes and inflation. 3. People got fed up, want smaller government. 4. Someone comes along promises to reduce (or at least hold steady) the size of government and get elected. 5. Economy stabilized and prospered. 6. People got comfortable and complacent, look for things to fix. 7. Go to step 1.
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