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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/16/2005 10:54:32 PM EDT
I would be laughing at them if bush wasn't being completely negligent regarding the illegals\border situation

Democrats Promise 'Smartest, Nimblest' Senate Campaign Ever
By Susan Jones
CNSNews.com Senior Editor
August 16, 2005
(CNSNews.com) - A new fund-raising appeal from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says Democrats are "six seats away from taking back the Senate," and it says the DSCC will make a crucial difference in winning those six states -- and "taking our country back from the right-wing forces that currently control Washington."

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the DSCC chair, urges Democrats to check out a new, interactive campaign map showing the races the DSCC will contest in 2006, including "battleground" races in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Ohio.

Of the Senate races in 33 states next year, 14 Democrats and 14 Republicans are up for re-election, and there are five open seats.

All red (Republican) states on the DSCC map urge readers to "Check out the latest abuse of power by (senator's name)," while all blue (Democrat) states on the map say, "Democrats are fighting for American families in your state."

"I will be watching each and every race to determine precisely where and when our resources will help Democratic candidates win," DSCC Chair Schumer says in the email message.

Democrats will spend resources only on races they can win, Schumer promises: "I won't give a dime to campaigns that do not have the tools and staff they need to build a successful campaign infrastructure. Our strategy is to win elections and take our country back by putting resources in the states that will do the most good," he writes.

"The DSCC will run the smartest and nimblest campaigns our party has ever seen," Schumer promises. He says that includes protecting incumbents by scaring away Republican candidates.

"Already in three states, the leading Republican challengers to our incumbents have backed away from running because of our fundraising success," Schumer says.

He also mentions the need to raise money quickly to boost incumbents - something that will allow Democrats to devote more energy to toppling "top Republican targets."

"Sitting Republican senators across the country are vulnerable in 2006 because they have supported George Bush's over-reaching right-wing agenda," Schumer writes. He says he has traveled the country, talking directly to voters: "In state after state, I have recruited committed Democratic candidates that put us in the best position to win."

For example, Schumer says he "personally recruited Bob Casey," a Pennsylvania Democrat who is expected to run a close race against conservative Republican Sen. Rick Santorum.

"Keystone State voters are ready to reject Santorum for putting right-wing causes ahead of mainstream Pennsylvania priorities," Schumer writes. He says the DSCC has been "working daily with the Casey campaign to develop world-class fundraising and message strategies."

Even liberal Republicans are targets: Schumer says he knows Democrats can beat Sen. Lincoln Chafee "because he has consistently supported the far right agenda in Washington after casting himself as a moderate back home. I will make sure we have the tools and resources we will need to beat Chafee in November," Schumer writes.

Chafee often votes with Democrats, and to conservatives, he's about as far from being "far right" as any politician could be. (The American Conservative Union, which ranks each member of Congress on a scale of 0 (liberal) to 100 (conservative), gives Chafee a lifetime rating of 41.)

Schumer also says he's confident that Democrats can also beat Sen. Mike DeWine in 2006, based on the strong showing of the (losing) Democrat candidate in Ohio's recent special congressional election.

"The bottom line is that if we work together, we can win back the Senate. It won't be easy, and we'll have to get some breaks along the way, but I'm confident that we can win in November 2006," Schumer is telling Democrats.

"I know what it takes to win," he adds. "I won my last election in New York with 71% of the vote and more than 40% of Republicans, all without forsaking my Democratic values. I am going to share my formula of success with every Democratic Senate candidate across the country," Schumer promises.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 10:55:12 PM EDT
I predict status quo.
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