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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/7/2002 11:23:55 AM EST
Watch these idiots tear each other apart! cut and paste for the whole thing... http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID60/16453.html here is an excellent excerpt
jiacinto (11242 posts) Nov-06-02, 09:33 PM (ET) Reply to post #2 5. Common demoninator I'm not "attacking" them. I think they are good Democrats. I just don't think that either could win a statewide race in California. Barbara Lee would probably fail miserably in places like Orange and San Diego Counties, while failing to get large enough polling leads in Democratic base areas as white voters run away from her. TahitiNut (4658 posts) Nov-06-02, 09:56 PM (ET) Reply to post #5 8. "as white voters run away from her."???? LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-02 AT 10:21 PM (ET) Well, there's the "race card" again. All blacks go to the back of the Jiacinto Political Bus!!! Whites will run away! FWIW, the demographics of Barbara Lee's district include a population that's 28.2% Black, 17.3% Asian, and 18.7% Latino. Whites are a PLURALITY in Barbara Lee's district, where she got OVER 80% of the vote! California "statewide" is 7.4% Black, 12.3% Asian, and 32.4% Latino. Whites are NOT a majority "statewide" and when you subtract the died-in-the-wool (Orange and Sandi Ego County) fascists, guess what??? We're NOT IN KANSAS, Toto! (Thank God!)
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