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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/2/2003 1:14:48 PM EST
Alright, here's a question. How many can post or are willing to post any true stories of CCW defensive shootings. How did you do in the courts, what did it cost you in terms of emotional and financial stress. Any jail time? Civil suits or community backlash? Who has had to do the real thing. We all talk about what would happen, any real stories?
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 1:40:13 PM EST
Never had to shoot, only display once. I was on my way home from work (on back roads) and as I turned onto a road another vehicle had just turned onto, I began to speed up, as he was cranking along. I figured why not speed up along with him and save myself some time as well. I'm not talking outrageous speeds, maybe around 60 mph or so. Anyways, we come to the stop sign, he pulls halfway off the road and hammers the gas when I got close, spraying my brand new car with gravel from his spinning right rear wheel. I was pretty PO'ed, so I motioned for him to pull over, thinking we'd settle this right quick when he either paid for any damage and apologized, or got a fat lip. Anyways, he wants nothing to do with pulling over, and turns his rear view mirror so he can't see me motioning out the window. Next stop, he does it again! So, I change my tactics, and decide to follow him home. Made a mental note of his license plate number. About 5 miles out of my way, I figure to hell with it, he's probably not gonna go home with me on his tail, so I give up, figuring I'll just stop at the local P.D. and file a report. I finally go to turn off, and this @sshole pulls off the road to try again. I hammered the gas, got in front of him, and jumped out of my car. As I walk over to his vehicle, he jumps out with a tire iron, one of those 3 footers with the bent end, and starts for me. All I did was show him the pistol that was under my shirt, and he stopped cold. I then instructed him to drop his tire iron back in the truck and lead the way to my car, so we could check for damages, and if any were found, call the police to file a damage report. Anyways, I found nothing, so I let him go, with a warning. I told him I drove the same way to and from work every day, and if I ever saw him do that kind of thing to ANYONE again, I'd drag him out of the car and beat his @rse personally. After all this I stopped at the local P.D. and filed the report anyways, just so it was on the record. The guy's excuse for his behavior was that he thought I was trying to run him off the road. This by driving behind him at about a 4-5 second following distance? He was a pasty looking mofo, looked like he never saw a day of sunshine in his life, about 2 shades removed from an albino. No stress, the officer that I reported it to said, "Bet he won't be pulling that sh!t again anytime soon!" Since nobody had any shootings to share, this is about as close as I can get.
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 1:45:25 PM EST
I always hate this response, but here it is and WHY I'm giving it: [B]SEARCH.[/B] This has been hashed and rehashed. Myself and others have already typed out our stories, multiple times. These stories are invariably long and take a long time to type over and over again. [B]Maybe someone with the full-boat search rights will post some links to those topics.[/B] My story in a nutshell: Merely having the sidearm prevented the problem, I didn't have to shoot.
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