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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/18/2001 1:20:48 PM EST
my granpa e-mailed me this and i thought the California members could relate to it. hehehehe "To: Mom...... in Seattle Washington From: your daughter Jennifer...... in Los Angeles Dear Mom: I'm sending you $5. I know I used to send you $50.......but my electric bill was $2,345 last month, and I was short of cash. That is not bad, though, Susan's bill was $3000 because she has a two bedroom apartment. I love California.......everything is so "environmentally correct" here,.and all our liberal friends are in power now. I'm sure glad we demonstrated against building all those power plants 8 years ago, or else this state would be polluted like Texas and Georgia. My friends and I are going out tomorrow to demonstrate against the recently reopened nuclear power plant. We shut it down in 1994, but some Republican so-n-sos are re-opening it, probably just to keep the businesses going. GEEZ!! Well....don't call me on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays because those are the designated days with no electricity. Not on Tuesdays or Thursdays either.....because those are the designated days with no water or phones. Call me on Saturday between 3 and 4 pm.... we usually have power then. I don't understand why states with lots of power, like Texas and Georgia don't try to help us out. We won't have to worry a bout pollution much longer because all the businesses are shutting down, and there is no jet fuel for the airlines. Gas is $8.50 a gallon...so no one can afford to drive. We're thinking about using spotted owls for toilet paper as the tree-huggers have eliminated wood from which we used to make paper. I love California ! Thank God for the Democrats !"
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