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Posted: 12/31/2003 6:21:24 AM EDT
I am either becoming a "team member" or an "dealer" for January.  I'd like to become a dealer, but there's no way I can at $400.00 for 6 months.

I'm not a firearms dealer; I'm a CCW trainer.  My merchandise includes services such as ccw training and gun purchase assistance for new shooters and some actual merchandise like the book "The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide," a few holsters here and there, and occasionally some self-defense ammunition such as Cor-Bons, etc.  These items make a profit of $2 - $5 per item that I sell.

At a cost of $800 per year, Arfcom members would have to purchase anywhere from 160-400 items for me to just to cover the cost of becoming a dealer.  The item that gives me the most profit - the Arizona Gun Owner's Guide - probably won't sell well to folks residing outside Arizona either.    Don't even get me started on how Wal-Mart eats up ANY profit I earn from ammo sales.....

Have you considered doing a "dealer light" membership option?  I really don't need my own forum and I only need a single account instead of the two that are provided.

I'm just a small-time ccw trainer.  I'd love to be able to become more than just a member on AR15.Com, but at $800/year it's just too much for me.

Is there any possibility of a "dealer light" pack?


Link Posted: 12/31/2003 9:13:18 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 10:34:06 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Kevin:
Mike, we will try to see what we can work out for your situation; you have a very narrow focus group so we can understand that.

As for the Dealer membership status going up, there are going to be some revisions & upgrades for them as well as some E.E. policy changes so that traffic on the E.E. can be lightened up.  All of this is being ironed out at the moment, full details should be out soon.
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Thank you very much, Kevin!  I am interested in becoming more than just a member, but that $400.00 is just too much to swallow when 99% or better sales are going to be within AZ only.

I'll keep watching here- please keep me posted!

Let me know if there's a possibility of a banner ad for the Arizona/New Mexico and southwest hometown forums only.  I don't figure folks up in Maine, Montana, etc., will care much about my training and Arizona gun owner's guides.  [:)]

Thanks again!

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