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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/4/2002 12:14:14 PM EST
``I think it's a bad idea. I think that it's an infringement constitutionally on the legislative branch. And I don't think there's much support for it,'' said Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D.
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Bwa-HA since when does this asshole care about the constitution? The lie detector wouldn't work on congress anyway, since everything they say is a lie.
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 1:16:31 PM EST
Yep, they don't work so hot on pathological liars
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 1:25:38 PM EST
I think that it's an infringement constitutionally on the legislative branch... But the citizens of this country shouldn't expect the same protection under the constitution.
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Link Posted: 8/4/2002 3:51:49 PM EST
Of course! Those two wouldn't know the truth if it hit them on the head.
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 4:04:46 PM EST
Polygraphs for what reason?
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 4:34:29 PM EST
finding out who's leaking classified info
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 4:49:27 PM EST
Bastards! String 'em all up and leave their corpses as a reminder to the next batch we vote in! Dishonorable bastards!
Link Posted: 8/4/2002 8:48:13 PM EST
They should pass out different versions of the secret information varying in some respect that's sure to surface but not not call attention to the differences. Then keep track of which version goes to whom. Over time, this can narrow it down. Besides, it may not be the Congresscritters themselves but some expendable staff member(s)
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