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Posted: 4/23/2007 3:51:03 PM EDT
Had a close one today, which now is rather hunorous IMO. I was cutting a set of axles off a truck with my plasma cutter. Nothing new here, do it all the time. For some reason, today when I went to cut the shocks off I made my cut in the lower oil filled portion of the shock rather than the upper metal rod portion. Care to guess what happens...? As the plasma cutter heats the shock body, the oil inside is heated as well, the plasma cutter then punctures to pressurized housing releasing the heated oil into the hot plasma spray, an WALLA!! You have one big ass pressurized fireball in your face. Not too smart on my part. Guess I had too much on my mind at the time. No injury, just a lil sunburn effect except in the area where my goggles were (ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR EYES!). Glad I can laugh about it now, but in the futre I'll be sure to slow down and think a little...
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 3:52:11 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 3:53:21 PM EDT
Yup , Gold Medal move !!!

Glad your OK .........
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 3:59:12 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Nightdriver:


We need pics of your dumbassness!
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 3:59:25 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Nightdriver:

In an effort to "save face", I will with hold any pictures of said incident......
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 4:07:17 PM EDT
You didn't blow off your balls, so no Darwin award for you.
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 4:10:14 PM EDT
Nice try, but it takes more than singed eyebrows to earn a darwin.

Glad you are ok.
Link Posted: 4/23/2007 4:12:17 PM EDT
no picture, didn't happen
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