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Posted: 9/12/2001 10:13:16 AM EDT
I am really starting to get edgy about this. These guys are not suspects; they do not need to go to trial. This notion that our government and media are treating them as criminals is blood boiling. Did we say Hitler, et al, were suspects. Hell no. We set out in a concentrated "war effort' to depose him. No one even thought about a trial until years later at Nuremberg. There is not a court in the world that can bring justice to this. And what of the message we send? "Go ahead and sacrifice 20 of your men to our 10,000 dead. We'll try you and convict you." We are so caught up in this we can solve it all with LE and lawyer babble BS that we have just forgotten how to deal with a war, as it were. We need to wake up. Fast. Zaz
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 11:15:25 AM EDT
It could be that some individuals are unwilling to use the term War, since it would seem to give the terrorists some legitimcy that they are nothing more than high-profile criminals. My personal opinion; if a group/country/individual states that they are declaring war on the United States, they should be treated to a war with all the anger and force that our great country can muster.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 4:28:41 PM EDT
War is not something that he liberal a-holes can stomach. They realize that if we go to war, people will want their freedom when they come back, because the ones who don't understand what freedom is now, will. And remember, for the liberals, a criminal is not "responsible" for their act. It is a response to some percieved wrong. Make no bones about it. Even Ashcroft has it wrong this time. The sites are not "crime scenes, they are the remains of terrorist actions. Hopefully, Bush is now recinding teh FordEO, and putting Osama at the top of tist for extermination.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 6:44:17 PM EDT
You're right, they are not "criminal suspects"...if there was a God In Heaven (which I doubt), they would all be "dead men walking" trial? what for?.....
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