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Posted: 4/18/2006 12:16:09 PM EST
Downloaded setup info for my new ZTR currently on a truck coming from Wisconson. I figured I'd be ready to get this going quickly by being prepared. They ship the battery dry, for many good reasons. I am to add "bulk electrolyte with a specific gravity of 1.260", available at automotive/battery outlets -> yeah, that is if you pass the Terrorist-101 quiz.

I ask my son to call around and find this stuff. He does and is asked why he wants this stuff, and he says its for his Dad's new tractor that is being delivered in a crate via trucking company. They say, okay - just making sure you're not building a BOMB.

I don't know the rest of the recipe, nor do I want to, nor do I want anyone to post, or reference some site that has that info. Just a FYI for the new millenium - if you need to energize a new battery that has no acid, prepare to be challenged about the intended use of "bulk electrolyte".

I remember my Dad used to have some of this in his garage for new marine batteries. Looks like I'm headed for a terrorist watch list somewhere. Will I be able to board airplanes anymore? Will I be the guy who gets cavity searched, because I bought a tractor on the Internet?
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