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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/23/2001 2:54:05 AM EST
CHARLOTTE(AP) - In a statement to the press, Shooterx308 had the following words regarding the NASCAR official report, released Monday, regarding Dale Earnhardt's fatal accident at the 2000 Daytona 500. "Bullshit." was the terse response. "It is obvious that the cause of this accident was an improperly installed seat belt that failed under acute tensile loading. Earnhardt was known to install his own seats and belts in his car and had been frequently warned by Bill Simpson, owner of Simpson Racing Products, that the installation points Earnhardt chose for his lap belt were not what were called for in the belt design." X continued "Earnhardt chose to ignore those warnings, including admonitions by Simpson that they would 'bite him in the ass one of these days'. Unfortunately, that 'bite' caused him to slam into his steering wheel at 150-plus miles per hour, and I don't care how 'Iron-headed' he was, you don't survive that kind of impact." "Don't get me wrong," says X, "I have great respect for Earnhardt's legacy. But this report is obviously a whitewash by NASCAR to avoid saying that Dale could have screwed up. I don't think Dale would have hid behind this wall of crap, I think he would have come out and said it was his fault had he survived the impact. Not only does it demean NASCAR to hide behind the dog and pony show of Monday, but it is an insult to the integrity of Dale Earnhardt himself." NASCAR's Mike Helton was unavailable for comment, unable to speak through a fit of apoplexy which rendered his neck so large he was nearly strangled by his tighter than usual shirt collar. Hospital officials expect a full recovery. [sniper]
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