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Posted: 5/11/2004 6:24:05 PM EDT
A voice of sanity who calls DU on what it actually is:

Blue_Chill (1000+ posts)      Wed May-12-04 01:54 AM
Original message
Why so many of you NEED the Berg video to be a conspiracy?

Edited on Wed May-12-04 02:01 AM by Blue_Chill
I've noticed that when confronted with anything that doesn't make the US look bad people here go way out of their way to deny or redirect it. The video is disgusting and people here downplaying it are no better then repugs trying to downplay prisoner abuse by pointing at this video. So I ask you, are your beliefs so fragile, so black and white, that you can't tolerate anything that doesn't fit into your severely limited views?

What I've seen here today is disgusting and those of you, and you know who you are, have shamed the left. People on this board that are the least bit decent and good must be outraged, but sadly this board is over run with rude extremists that will attempt to railroad you out if you dare to speak up.

So go on discrediting yourselves, that is what you are doing with knee jerk reactions to this video. Making massive leaps in logic to force all realities to fit in with your deranged view; world good - US bad, it's pathetic.

Today we can truly see that the old ways of the "bleeding heart" liberal are gone. Caring for people has been replaced with this farce of caring when convenient. People who care are obvious for all to see, they have a heart and aren't afraid to show it. Here the loudest voices spew dishonest claims of caring when anyone with the guts to admit it can see this "caring" is simply opportunistic posturing built purely upon reactionary politics.

Rest in peace flower children, you've all died and been replaced with walking corpses who care only of politics and have no room for emotions or ancient concepts of right and wrong.

Hopefully those of you I know are still in possession of your hearts, those of you that actually care about others have the courage to stand up against this nonsense.

The response:

Thanks for the sanctimonious tripe

Pardon me while I scratch my balls

I'm shocked

That the pro establishment crowd is unwilling (or unable) to think that anything other than the official explanation could possibly be true.

Some people just can't handle cognitive dissonance.
(who's the one who can't stand cognitive dissonace here?)

You know why?
Its cause of the fatassed "Al Qaeda" in the tapes, the one wearing tennis shoes, the American prison garb, the yellow walls that look ominously like Abu Gharaib. The timing is just a coincidence I guess. I for one am not going to believe what the mainstream media has told me. I refuse to believe that Al Qaeda releases tapes whenever Bush* needs a jump in his approval rating. I'm sick of the bullshit from these people.


He goes traipsing off the Iraq to look for work that Halliburton and Associates was doing, gets picked up by Iraq police, turned over the US and questioned for two weeks, gets released only when his parents filed suit, and then picked up al Al Qaeda? Even if it DID make sense, I hope that if we've learned anything by now is not to take ANYTHING the Bush regime says at face value. I mean, I got suspicious when Don Rumsfeld said "The worst is yet to come" at the hearings. He knew this story was coming out, and expected that the resulting right-eous rage to vindicate him!


Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:33:40 PM EDT
It took EVERYTHING in my power to hold back from replying to this post:

Must_B_Free (1000+ posts)      Wed May-12-04 02:23 AM
Original message
What was the tactical advantage of the Burg Killing?

Forget the rest for now.

What did the terrorists hope to gain?

Certainly they must realize that Bush is limping at this point ahd the war had been judged a failure worldwide.

Are they really that dumb that they thought this would win them any "hearts and minds"?

That's the biggest give away to me. If you are fighting a war for hearts and minds, you lose by doing what they did.

Whoever did this is simply trying to paint Muslims as terrorists and brutal murderers. You don't even have to see it to know that.

WOW!  It's a CIA disinformation campaign to paint Muslims as terrorists who revel in violence!  As everyone knows, Islam is a religion of peace

Must......retain......DU account............until election.............
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:34:19 PM EDT
I see stupid people,...... and they are everywhere!

My God, what are these people thinking? That this is some kind of staged execution for RATINGS? WTF?
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:41:32 PM EDT
Fuck them and their ilk.  They have no sense of right and wrong, they see only middle and that will be their downfall.  While they are talking they will be killed and wonder what happened.

As for me, war is coming to the US.  These bleeding bags of liberal scum will the among the first casualties.  These are the people who embrace and worship death.  I would help them but they need no help.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:47:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:49:41 PM EDT
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