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Posted: 6/26/2002 11:30:38 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 11:53:00 AM EDT
Meooow...Hiss, spit,meooorw... [IMG][/IMG]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:03:08 PM EDT
I think Katie Couric should be thrown in wiht Rosie and Baldwin, and every other shithead out there.
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:10:18 PM EDT
Thanks.. Really needed that after a bad day at work.. [beer]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:10:34 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:17:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:18:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/26/2002 12:19:38 PM EDT by cgwahl]
All things considering I think Couric did alright until she decided to throw in the supposed [i]firing[/i] near the end. Did Couric really believe she could win a war of words with Coulter?!? Kind of like an attempt to win a fight, you're nearly beaten and Coulter was getting ready to finish you. But then Couric tried to get back on top to deliver a blow by throwing dirt in Coulter's eyes...luckily it didn't work.
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:53:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/26/2002 12:55:32 PM EDT by loonybin]
Couric was rather unprofessional by making it so personal. I think Anne would have fared better if little miss Katie had been courteous enough to shut her yap and let Anne speak and answer Katie's comments. The way she acted was exactly how Anne describes liberals. Even so, Ms. Coulter won. [center][stick][/center] [center]Coulter Couric[/center]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 12:59:24 PM EDT
It's a good thing I wasn't trying to have that conversation with Couric - it could have been embarrassing for her. Of all the things I have in my pockets everyday, the one that would have been good for that day would have been the 10' of duct tape (fold-rolled, it's about 3" long.) Picture me running about four turns of duct tape around Couric's mouth on national TV, then continuing uninterrupted... I just HATE rude people - and most of them seem to be of Liberal bent! FFZ
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 1:00:04 PM EDT
I have Media Player 7.1 but I keep getting a "No Media Player" message. WTF?
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 8:59:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/26/2002 8:59:52 PM EDT by ba291]
Couric should stick to letting her rectum do the talking for her. [moon]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:03:51 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Uhlek: I think Katie Couric should be thrown in wiht Rosie and Baldwin, and every other shithead out there.
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Good one. [:D]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:05:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:09:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:26:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:35:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/26/2002 9:36:36 PM EDT by More_Cowbell]
You've got to love this woman.
"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too," pundit Ann Coulter told this month's meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference. "Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors."
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So understated [smoke]
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 9:37:30 PM EDT
When you open the interview by saying that your guest has been called "a right-wing tele-bimbo" maybe, just maybe, you have a horse in the race. Someone who wasn't part of the liberal media establishment wouldn't have such a need to pick apart selected portions of the book, nor the guest. If they didn't believe in the premise they could just laugh it off, yet there is an intensity to the questioning which is very revealing. I would recommend to Ann (if I could) that she stay calm and not talk as fast, no matter what they throw at her, and even if she doesn't get to say as much before she's cut off. Calm wins the day for appearence purposes. Let them interrupt you constantly. Throw out careful rejoinders to keep them off balance. Put on a pained expression like you're talking to imbeciles. *LOL*
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 11:01:03 PM EDT
Heard audio on the Limbaugh show (on 6/26/02) of the Coulter/Couric face-off---- what's that old saying about "a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent?" Katey Couric, Matt Lauer, Bryant Gumbel-- The "Today Show" is to news as David Letterman is to "Saturday Night Live" is to series political commentary. Ann, call me now!
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 11:13:49 PM EDT
They both had nice legs! Made it hard to follow the conversation :-). Liberal Conservative... Bah, they're all the same with the lights out and some duct tape to shut em up :-) Hehe.. Just joking, however they "did" have nice legs and nice slinky black dresses. I was hoping for a pull the hair cat fight!
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 11:52:38 PM EDT
I'd pay $500 to watch them mud wrestle in the nude.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 1:55:56 PM EDT
Coulter is scheduled to appear on the very last "Politically Incorrect" this week. I keep hoping they will show the rerun of PI when she was wearing the red dress. She accidentally flashed, and it was so quick they didn't edit it out.
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