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Posted: 9/21/2004 6:19:55 PM EDT
I am very interested in the political thing as everyone else is.I am so tired on that fucking John Kerry throwing attacks at Our President concerning the war. He said that he would have santioned saddam and not been so hasty to go to war.But what if while he is tring to get these santions to work,Iran is building nuclear capibilities as they are today.Then when Kerry finally decides that he's not the master planner either ,Iran lobs a nuke into Israel, Being that everyone over there hates them anyway.I am glad to have them for an Ali.The Bible say Israel will never lose a war and has never to date since the beginning of the middle east wars.Israel's agressors will be crushed.I wouldn't e surprised if Israel doesn't take out Irans nuke program like they did to Iraq back in the 80's. I remember Bush said that as far as the war against terrorism goes,That either your for us or your for the terrorist. seems like the left wing and their leaders kerry and Red faced Teddy fit the bill. this is my 2 cents
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