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Posted: 5/23/2005 7:37:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/23/2005 7:37:31 AM EDT by pathfinder74]
It's getting foggier as the day goes but I remember most of it. It was one of those dreams that's really vivid and detailed and that I remember for a while after waking.

I'm in the woods with this group of people... I think people I was in HS with. There are desks and stuff in the woods and I think we're taking exams or something. Then I'm told it's time to go out. I go to the "back of the class" (behind all the desks in the woods) and me and one other guy are getting geared up to go on some sort of recon mission. He's got camo paint on so I start applying mine (I even remember putting it on the right way, covering up the really shiny parts of my face and on my ears and everything). I remember loading out a pack as well, but I can't remember what was being put in it. A radio and some other block-shaped thing.

Then we start humping it out toward a field. I have my Glock on a leg rig and a scoped out long-barrel AR. We come to this area that looks like it's occupied pretty heavy with enemy troops and fortitifed pretty well... so we make off into the the woods. The guy I'm with at this point is a different guy than who was getting prepped with me. I don't know why they were different and I didn't notice he change in the dream. We come up on this building, and then the are opens up into like a junkyard or something. We enter the building and there's middle eastern people (dressed the way you see the people in Afghanistan). The first couple have AKs and are startled. I just got through the place plugging them all... they barely put up a fight I guess because they're so taken off guard. At this point I realize the rifle is suppressed. The building is cleared and we leave.

We go back into the woods and now there are a few more people with us. One of them is "Thorn" from Super Troopers (I guess because it was on last night and I kept watching it between commercials on another station). At this point I'm the team leader and we're coordinating movements on various cells in this wooded region of I don't know where. We pretty much encounter people at random and I'm usually the one who's taking them down.

We come to a road and a 7-11 in the middle of nowhere and I go into this small building off the road and there's a big cabinet (almost the size of a shed really). I catch this kid in there and ask him if the cabinet is boobytrapped. He says it is. Then this guy walks in, doesn't notice me, and opens up the cabinet and walks in. I go in after him and wrestle with him. I have him in a position and reach for my knife to slit his throat and realize I goofed up and didn't put it on my belt. Then I got for my Glock and it's not in the holster. I then grab an AK and put it right to his chest and fire... the sound being suppressed by his chest cavity...

at this point think I pretty much woke up because I don't remember anything else.

But the feeling of being there stuck with me most of the morning... it was really weird.
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