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Posted: 8/1/2005 12:15:35 PM EDT


Connery fed up with Hollywood 'idiots'

13:14pm 31st July 2005

Sir Sean Connery has said he does not want to act in any more movies because he is "fed up with the idiots" now working in Hollywood, it has emerged.

The former James Bond star said in a newspaper interview that he would "need a Mafia-like offer I couldn't refuse" to appear in another film.

Although he added that he would never say never, the decision by the actor rated by director Steven Spielberg as one of the world's few genuine movie stars will leave his many fans upset.

He told the New Zealand Herald: "I'm fed up with the idiots... the ever-widening gap between people who know how to make movies and the people who greenlight the movies."

The actor, who grew up in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, also said he did not regard his childhood as especially deprived.

Connery, who had a milk round at nine and then worked as a coffin polisher and bodybuilder before his big break, said: "It's like people say, 'Oh, it must have been terrible living in a tenement with no hot water' and all that stuff.

"But, as a child, I don't think you know that because what do you compare it with? And then growing up from the time of nine, there was the war, then all that working.

"I've worked since I was nine. I left school at 13. I was in the Navy at 16 and a half so, yes, it's been kind of eventful, but with no qualifications."

The Scot also revealed he had pulled out of a lucrative autobiography deal because the publisher wanted to delve too deeply into his private life.

He said it had cost him a "stonking amount of money" to renege on the contract with ghost-writer Hunter Davies to pen the tell-all book.

"I realised I was going to be spending the best part of my life, and probably the rest of my life, trying to correct these inaccuracies, and I can't be bothered," he said.
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Hilarious post!

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Sounds like his is fed up with the producers.

Producers always want blockbusters- often at the expense of quality.

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