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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/21/2002 5:36:59 AM EST
Why do we, the voters of this great country, continually re-elect our congress people? It seems to me that by re-electing the same people over and over again, we establish a government which actually represents the members own interests instead of the country as a whole. Trent Lott of Mississippi now has the Navy buying unusable hulks of brand new cruise ships under construction. WTF: Doesn't the Defense Department need the money for what's going on in Afwhatsistan? I find it extremely difficult to vote for some individual whos greatest claim to fame is the ability to ignore the rest of the U.S. while burning tax payer funds on crap. Pennsylvania has Bob Borski who comes around at election time and scares the old voters with horror stories of SSA and Medicare while destroying middle class dreams by voting straight Democratic Party ticket items. When the HELL do we, Us take back this country? I have a headache and really believe that to vote for an incumbent is to vote against democracy not for it. Just had to get this off my chest. Sorry to all.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 5:56:58 AM EST
I've wondered this for years. See most of US citizens are sheeple. Too afraid to think for themselves and go for what is popular. Look at my "senior" senator. The man can barely walk and talk and ppl still voted for him. Bunch of dummies. Just pull/punch for someone else next time. That's what I have been doing. Glad to see someone else is awake and thinking.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 9:50:11 AM EST
I would like to see bond propositions at a national level. I would like to vote on farm subsidies, or items like this one. But then, these turkeys would pick up some cues from the local school board and budget the thing in just in case the bond prop fails. Of course they wouldn't spend the extra money.
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