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Posted: 1/11/2005 5:27:37 AM EDT
Hi.. and Happy New year.
I am a civilian  with a CC permit. I am a law abiding citizen and a Veteran. I am new to the practice of concealed carry and I am in the proccess of  learning everything relevant to a civilian carrying a weapon for self defence. I plan on taking  an appropraite course from the Sig  Arms Acadamy and also consulting with a local lawyer regarding specifics of CC and the use of deadly force.  I was wondering if the LE officers in this forum would be comfortable giving me any advice  or general information  relating to a civilian carring a weapon for self defence?  I suppose I am looking for advice regarding topics or issues that, You  in LE , have seen  or experienced with civilians  carring concealed weapons? For example, I was told that "most" LE officers do not want to be advised  by an individual that they are  an LTC holder and are armed, during routine traffic stops or other interactions where the  knowlage of  weapon presant is not  "relevant".  I guess I was hoping that you all as LE Officers, could offer any advice that would assist me in being a  compitent and safe citizen  in this regard. I hope this is not an inappropriate question/request for this forum.  Thanks in advance and  I wish you all a Happy & SAFE New Year!  AA
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 7:48:48 AM EDT
All of this will (should) be covered in your CCW class.

I like to know when someone is packing.  Doesn't mean you are getting out of the ticket, though.

Link Posted: 1/11/2005 8:43:01 AM EDT
Hey.. ..  Don't get me wrong. My LTC class covered the laws regarding where and when I may carry,  shootting/marksmenship, and other related topics.  In  MA. it is not a legal requirment to inform an LEO that you are "carrying" unless asked. Therefore if I was to be stopped for a traffic violation or other routine interaction with LE, I was asking more about the "personal" preferance of the average LEO.  My LTC class instructor stated: If not asked.. Don't tell, with a strong suggestion that to his knowlage, Ma LEO's did not want to know  unless specifically asked.  I have seen LEO's make statments in other forums that  do not support what I was taught. So.. I am here, in an attempt  to get opinions and preferances  of LEO's so I can better judge how to react in a particular situation. I have not been stopped for a traffic violation in 13 years and  "carrying" or not, I stay far from trouble!  I just wanted some friendly advice.. Hope I did not error in posting my question here?  AAhinking.gif
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 5:43:16 PM EDT
In MA you are looking for a lot of trouble if you bring up the LTC unless it will become exposed during the stop or in the very rare instance when you are asked to get out of the car.

If you want to learn more about MA Firearms Laws, etc. and you are in the Eastern half of the state, I suggest that you attend the free seminar given by Chief Ron Glidden (Lee, MA PD, sportsman, Chmn of the Gun Control Advisory Board, Chairman of the Mass Chiefs of Police and International Chiefs of Police Assn Firearms Committees) at Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club on Sunday, 1/23/05 from 9AM to 12Noon. More info was posted earlier and will be re-posted at the New England Forum (under Hometown) here.

Directions and some info can be found at www.brp.org
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 7:11:19 PM EDT
Everybody I deal with has a gun, so it's no longer a big deal to me to see one.

When I was a beat cop, I liked to be told or shown the permit when someone handed me their drivers license. That way if I saw the pistol i knew the guy or gal was not a felon, escaped con, etc.  On my beat it seemed the decent people were few and far between. And if they were a non felon (at least in that part of town) I would be more leniant on them--I had bigger fish to fry!

Of course, I live in a southern state and our gun culture is pretty strong.

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