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Posted: 5/11/2001 12:28:38 PM EDT
I stopped in a local convienace store today. The owner had posted a sign not allowing weapons. I had my .40 under my shirt. SC law says you can post an "no conceal weapons" decal in your window if you don't want guns in your place. What a stupid thing to do! I'm going to write this dumb*ass and tell him how dumb he is. Besides criminals ignoring this sign, what else should I tell him? Anyone have any good links/stories about this I can pass along to him. I just can't understand this pattern of thinking. I would want friendly guns in my place in case of robbery, wouldn't you? Oh, BTW I am going to boycott his place from now on. [-!-]
Link Posted: 5/11/2001 2:15:51 PM EDT
Since the owner forbids you the ability to protect yourself in his store then I guess he's taking all responsibilty for your safety. If you are harmed in an armed robbery you could take the sign down after you own the place. [sniper]
Link Posted: 5/11/2001 2:34:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/11/2001 2:32:49 PM EDT by gunmonkey]
We have the same law here in Nevada, but where I live, I don't think a business would last long. My job is way cool. Its a sportsbar/restaraunt with a heavily armed wait staff.
Link Posted: 5/11/2001 5:30:51 PM EDT
You think that is stupid - I am an LEO in the upstate and at the back door of the Law Enforcement Center - where only police and staff can enter - is a "no concealed carry" sign. Well DUH!! If you are not a uniform then you carry concealed. What bad guy is going to enter the PD with a small concealed weapon anyway?? Don't come back with Arnold! [blue]Blue207[/blue]
Link Posted: 5/11/2001 6:02:10 PM EDT
scbackpacker - around here, the Wal-Marts used to be posted No Firearms. Suddenly, all of the signs came down. There was an unconfirmed rumor that a women was raped in the lot after she left her weapon in her vehicle, and sued Wally-World. -Andy
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