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Posted: 6/5/2008 5:06:28 PM EDT
The motherboard is an MSI 875P Neo

the operating system drive C is a 60 gig ATA, the data drive F is a 160 gig ATA.

Tonight I put a 500 gig SATA2 drive in, the SATA slots are the older SATA1 type.

On powerup it gave me a black screen with 'Insert a Boot Disk into the floppy drive'.  I guess it was trying to boot off the new SATA2 at least that's what the BIOS indicated.

I changed the BIOS to boot up on the 'C drive' 60 gig ATA, then it would boot up normally.

After that it found the 500 gig SATA2 and decided it is a Removable Disk and then tells me to insert media when I try to use it.

Next I tried putting the jumper between pins 5 and 6 on the SATA2 drive to slow it down to SATA speed but the computer still thinks it is a Removable Disk.

Is there any way to make the computer see it for what it is...a Hard Drive?


Edit:  the Removable Disk thing is for our cameras, it's not involved in this.  

The SATA2 simply isn't seen in "my computer" even though the hardware knows it's there and tells me it is working properly.
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