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Posted: 3/19/2001 1:32:16 AM EDT
Anybody   know of one of these out there for sale?
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 3:15:22 PM EDT
Nope, and you can't have mine![;)]  Seriously, I bought one a few years ago, because it was a dirt cheap pre-ban.  I still see them once in a while on the various boards.  I'd check subguns.com if you are looking for one.  They're set-up from the factory kinda wierd, with a jumble of parts that don't seem to jive with anything you'll read on ARs.  Still, the only real different part is the barrel, the ".222 Remington" on the lower, and the ".222" on the mag (it's the same mag though).  I've seen both A1 and A2 (mine's an A2) versions.  They were made primarily for export to countries that didn't allow military calibers to civillians.  Colt didn't really sell them in the US normally, but they would release a number of them here and there to recover costs on failed overseas sales.  I wouldn't call them rare, just not as abundant as the .223 versions.

Like I said, just keep looking and you'll find one.

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