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Posted: 5/7/2004 5:24:49 AM EDT
Wish the search was working, cause I'm sure that someone has already asked this, but....

The bolt hold open feature with our subguns is not working with the plastic followers of the 32 rd mags. The mags we have that contain metal followers are doing fine. There are no failure to feeds or spring or lip probs, just bolt hold back on the plastics. 5 of 6 won't stay back after last round. Colt says they have never heard of this problem with the plastic followers when I called them.

Any body have any thoughts, tests, solutions? Thanks alan

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 5:26:58 AM EDT
Mine are metal, so I can't help.  Have you heard of anywhere that factory Colt 9mm mags will be available on Sept 14?
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 6:49:45 AM EDT
I did not ask Colt that question.  Colt is now selling ARs (not by name, but by configuration) that have the small hole front push pin instead of the large hole screw pin, utilizing a mag release fence, etc.  It seems they are trying to comply with the majority of the AR shooters out there that want the GI spec type parts and rifles.  They even are making the fake M4s with the "muzzle brake" type things.  So who knows. If you remember the late 1980s early 90s, Colt started removed bayo lugs  prior to the ban to be more politically correct (BS).  Colt has historically done flat sides, lower inserts, different size components, etc to make sliding a mil spec upper on or transferring select fire components in.  It appears now that the company is changing and is coming to their senses.  Maybe they will sell the carbine bersions of the rifles to civvies as soona s the ban lifts - who knows.  But I do know they told me that they would not sell component parts of the mags.  I asked them what happened if I wore out springs in our mags - buy an entitre new one was the answer.  That's kinda crappy, but....  I'd love to get some of the older metal followers or find a solution from somebody out there that knows more about this than me.
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