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Posted: 10/10/2007 12:20:39 PM EST
Oct. 10, 2007
Press Release A071010b

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda operations in the Diyala River Valley

BAGHDAD, Iraq– Coalition Forces killed an estimated 37 terrorists, detained 25 suspects and found several weapons caches during an operation Oct. 4-7 targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq safe havens in the Diyala River Valley.

During the four-day operation, Coalition forces had numerous contacts with enemy personnel. In several of these engagements, the actions resulted from terrorists firing on ground forces, enemy personnel conducting surveillance activities on Coalition force positions, individuals attempting to unearth weapons caches, and individuals setting up mortar firing devices.

On Friday and Saturday, the ground force discovered two separate weapons caches which were safely destroyed at their locations. The caches included numerous weapons, ammunition, sniper-rifle parts, grenades, mines, blasting caps, mortar systems, anti-tank weapons, rocket propelled grenade launchers and improvised explosive device-making materials.

While patrolling the area Sunday, Coalition forces discovered an IED with a command wire coming from a mosque. Civilians in the vicinity reported that the mosque was frequently used by al-Qaeda in Iraq for meetings. Due to the threat, the ground force needed to enter the mosque to secure the area. They removed the IED from the mosque and it was safely destroyed.

Also on Sunday, supporting aircraft destroyed a river crossing site to prevent further use by al-Qaeda in Iraq. Surveillance elements indicated that the crossing site had been constructed by al-Qaeda in Iraq to transport terrorists, equipment and weapons across the Diyala River to conduct attacks.

During the multiple-day operation, additional air strikes destroyed five al-Qaeda in Iraq safe houses. One of the buildings was identified as a location used to command and control enemy reconnaissance on Coalition forces’ locations. Nearby, supporting aircraft destroyed a dump truck reportedly used to transport enemy weapons.

“Terrorists cannot conceal themselves in small villages disrupting the lives of Iraqi citizens,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesperson. “There are no safe havens for terrorists here – we will continue to seek them out wherever they hide.”

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Very productive day, I'd say!

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