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Posted: 6/16/2003 6:24:32 AM EDT
'scuse me while I go barf... [url]http://money.cnn.com/2003/06/16/news/companies/hillary_book/[/url] Clinton's book already making money After only one week and an $8M advance, Simon & Schuster says 'Living History' is profitable. June 16, 2003: 9:39 AM EDT NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - While others folded, Simon & Schuster anted up. Now they are getting paid. After hitting bookstores last week, Hillary Clinton's memoir "Living History" is a money maker for publisher Simon & Schuster, even with the $8 million advance it paid to the author, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. "We always expected the book to be a success, but we never expected this kind of velocity," Simon & Schuster President and CEO Jack Romanos told the paper. "People like Hillary Clinton have a predictable fan base, and if you can give them a quality product, they show up in huge numbers." The company expects that 600,000 copies of the book have been sold so far, about 60 percent of its initial printing of one million copies, according to the Journal. Publishers typically receive about half of a book's retail price, which would be about $14 for a copy of "Living History", or $8.4 million for the copies sold thus far, the paper reported. After subtracting $2.4 million for expenses and overhead, the company earned $3 million from rights sales to magazines and overseas publishers, which put the book in the black, according to the Journal. "To get there after one week on any book is remarkable, but to do this on a book that has an $8 million advance is Nirvana," Laurence Kirshbaum, chairman and CEO of the AOL Time Warner Book Group, told the paper. "There are a lot of [envious] publishers today. I wish we raised our bid."
Link Posted: 6/16/2003 6:42:13 AM EDT
This is BS. A Simon/Schuster exec said (just 2 weeks ago) that they'll have to sell 2 million hard cover copies to break even. Sales are slower then they've expected so they have to put out some PR to generate interest.
Link Posted: 6/16/2003 6:42:51 AM EDT
It goes to show you just how stupid people are. What kind of idiot would buy her book? Well, I answered my own question. Actually only half answered it. Put "Usefull" as a prefex and you have it. Bilster
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 10:45:33 PM EDT
Sorry I’m late, but it took me a while to find this thread. To Quote (More or less) the “Weekend Flash”: ‘The book will the biggest seller in the Nation. Then the next Harry Potter book will come out and “Her” book will be relegated to the Dollar Bin.’
Link Posted: 6/19/2003 3:55:07 AM EDT
If she is going to get elected president, her supporters will have to make sure her book sells well. Plus, when someone asks a question about her sordid past she can say "Read the book".
Link Posted: 6/19/2003 3:57:55 AM EDT
Aren't the DNC and other "Useful Idiots" buying them all up en masse to jack up the sales figures?
Link Posted: 6/19/2003 5:28:46 AM EDT
As my grandmother used to say, "A fool and his money soon part."
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